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Also pvp is opt out or in cheap wow classic gold

Posted by limmzhou on July 21st, 2019

Also pvp is opt out or in cheap wow classic gold, but with the climbing world pvp is totally destroyed you have level 20s in same area. There are no mobs. There are graveyards everywhere so death has no meaning. Sport is flooded with gold so gold has no meaning. In fact nothing has any obstacle or purpose or reward.

BFA is total shit for leveling. was made by them this way so people will just pay to increase to maximal level. Tons of other horrible things hierlooms, heirlooms also destroy pvp battlegrounds at lower levels, there aren't any category quests, super simple manner dungeons, LFG destroys WoW Classic, level up so quickly your equipment means nothing and can be replaced instantly, no critters trees, no community at all,

merged servers you never see the exact same person after, smaller world due to teleporting and auto zoning, more flight points anyplace destroying it, mount super soon ruining size of entire world. So much alterations that light's hope gold buying are horrible. devs are fucking retards.

Warrior- Leveling warrior isn't simple nor fast usually finding yourself in need of help on class quests or waiting a few more levels to perform it unless you happened to have spent a lot of time farming that right set of blue equipment or lost gold onto a purp weapon.

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