The Anatomy of a Leaking Roof

Posted by leonedwards on July 21st, 2019

roof leak

Dealing with a leaking roof is something almost all homeowners will have to deal with but are unsure of how to do so. Perhaps you’ve noticed water beginning to stain ceilings or walls in your home, or you’ve suspected a damaged roof panel and you’re not sure how much problems it might cause.

Finding the actual cause of a roof leak and the steps to repair it is definitely something you should be left to a roofing contractor or expert. However, as roof leaks are very common during wet seasons and in older homes, it’s not a bad idea to learn a little bit about how leaks function and where they might have begun. This will help any homeowners to understand and determine any damages on their roof and in their home.

What Causes a Roof Leak?

There are a couple of common locations where a leak may occur, so before you scour the house it’s a good idea to have a look at the place’s leaks are prone to and why.

Flashing is the thin pieces of metal that are used to help weatherproof and seal pipes and vents and the areas around them. The flashing is a commonly damaged or deteriorated part of the roof. If the flashing has begun to weather or is damaged, water might be seeping into the framing, causing a leak.

The wood beneath the roof hanging is called the soffit. A leak is also likely to develop in this area. Small animals and insects are often attracted to this spot and it’s somewhere that can frequently be neglected in a home. It might be insightful when determining a leak to assess this area for any rotting, cracks, damage or holes.

Check out the Attic

If your home was built with an attic, the best place to start is to that area during a rainy spout. Bringing a flashlight up will help, as any water will reflect against the light. When you do find the area where water is coming from, Vertec Roofing recommends marking it straight away as it will help lay the groundwork for the roofing contractor who will have to repair it.


Identifying a Roof Leak

Suspecting a roof leak is one thing, but finding it is another. You might find the traces of a leak in your roof, but it’s also commonly found that water will be entering your roof in one place and be collecting in another spot before soaking into the ceiling or walls. We have put together some simple tips for helping to identify a leak in a home.


Home interior

Don’t have an attic? You can try checking the boots (rubber seals around electric devices and plumbing vent pipes, air vents and exhaust fan flashing), flashings, gaskets around pipes, shingles, ridge caps, gutters and downspouts for any indication of where the leak has begun.

Home exterior

Another option is to assess the roof itself in a safe manner. If you’re able to examine your roof without any risk, it can be very insightful to get a good look of any damages from the outside. It really is best to leave this to the roofing professionals though, as they have the knowledge, certifications and experience to deal with such tasks.

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