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Tools Used In Automobile Workshop

Posted by susan95 on July 21st, 2019


Do you know that you can yourself fix some of the common faulty problems of your car and save yourself from getting ripped off by their jaw dropping repairing costs?

Do, you also know that owning few essential tools used in automobile workshop saves all car owners in dire emergency situations?

This is why, right in here we have got you covered on 16 of the most essential tools used by top automotive technicians in top reputable Dartford garages, kent garages and the tools you should also own and include in your tool kit for your own safety.  



  1.       A nice set of screwdriver is the most essential tool for any homeowner. But for car owners’ hex-bolstered screwdrivers really gives the needed leverage, torque and fit for the purpose.

  2.       A nice set of basic wrenches is ok but a battery-powered impact wrench and high torque pneumatic wrench are two favorite automobile tools that most car mechanics cannot simply live without.

  3.       Powerful air ratchets to ram nuts and bolts all the way home.

  4.       Precision Flex headed ratchet for loosening the fasteners and spark the plug in seconds.

  5.       Bent-handle flex ratchet to reach the right spot and get the right leverage needed to break any tight bolt.

  6.       Automotive stethoscope to fix common car sound problems

  7.       Locking extension bars to pull out sockets which tends to get stuck on bolt heads

  8.       Ratchet extenders to get the socket into any tight place and to tighten bolts in the most unreachable places of an engine compartments

  9.       A 25 inch extension bar to easily tune-up from a standing position.

  10.   Flexible sockets to remove and install bolts in inaccessible areas of the engine compartments

  11.   Vacuum pumps to test sensors, motors and to find a leaking vacuum line or for flushing power-steering fluids.

  12.   Battery carriers for lifting up and carrying the old dirty battery and placing the new one.
  13.   Needle-nose shaped pliers are ok but out of sight joint pliers grab clamps, clips and retainers most precisely.

  14.   Hood lights to light up inside the entire engine compartment and under hood LED light bar is a worthy tool to consider.

  15.   Spark plug pliers to get a firm grip on the spark plugs and to avoid torn boots or wires.

  16.   Flexible formable funnels to bend and flex when channeling down the engine oil into the drain pan.

Now that you know the insider secret of car mechanics waste no time to gather and stack up the most essential tools you need in your toolbox.

After all, doing the car repair yourself not only saves a boatload of money but also gives you a chance to brag about all over the weekend.

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