City of Monroe exploring fiber optic cable options

Posted by freemexy on July 22nd, 2019

City of Monroe exploring fiber optic cable options City officials are exploring their options after Monroe Public Schools announced last week that it had moved to terminate its fiber use agreement with the City of Monroe. (See earlier news report)Outdoor Telecom cabinet manufacturers Mayor Robert Clark brought up the recent development at the end of Tuesday’s council meeting.The agreement had been in effect for roughly seven years and allowed the city to utilize six strands of MPS’ dark fiber — a term for unused fiber optic cable — to connect city hall with the city’s water filtration plant, wastewater facility and public services department. The city — which paid no rental or leasing fee as part of the agreement — approached the school district back in October with a request for an additional two strands of fiber to be used to connect to the new Central Fire Station on E. Third St. The board of education voted Feb. 12 to terminate the agreement, citing a desire to use the district’s extra strands as an emergency backup and to connect to additional district facilities in the future. “I do appreciate the years of partnership that we’ve had with Monroe Public Schools and the school board regarding fiber optic,” Clark said. “It really did benefit not just the city, but it benefits all. A partnership is equal for both ... (With) today’s technology, this is a priority that we have to continue to expand in the fiber network area versus diminish.”I first thought it was just denying our request for the fire station, but it was confirmed that it’s a termination of that agreement,” Pastue said. ”... It puts us in a predicament. We have these three facilities that we have to extend fiber to in order to reconnect to city hall and all of the systems that we have with our operations. The first number I heard out there was somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 300,000 to get that out there and to serve the departments that were benefitting from it.” Pastue added that the city will have to overcome several physical challenges in installing a new fiber optic network. “Clearly we’ve got a railroad that we’d be required to probably bore underneath,” he said. “We’ve also got an interstate highway system it’s going to have to cross to get to the wastewater plant. There are some challenges.”

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