Attorney Beirut Lebanon An Efficient, Professional, & Practical Legal Advisor

Posted by mark taylor on July 22nd, 2019

Attorney Beirut Lebanon provides the most comprehensive and highly efficient legal services to all local and International Clients. Once you get into the problem it is better to solve it legally so that you won’t have any criminal records that may affect your future career. The firm has 150 members comprising of 7500 lawyers serving around 140 countries around the world.

Practical and Efficient Legal Advice

Attorney Beirut Lebanon provides an innovative solution and best commercial judgment to the client regarding legal and business issues. The firm consists of close to 7500 lawyers serving in nearly 100 countries.

The firm is concern about client problems and their budgets to improve the predictability on legal spending. The expertise serves in various fields that include Banking, Insurance, Shipping, Corporate, Aviation, Maritime, Arbitration, and Dispute with Employee, Intellectual property, litigation, and taxation.

The firm also has an excellent lawyer who can do better-drafting process along with various bills and regulations that gained national and international reputation process. The firm can provide cross-border legal assistance through various networks. They attain all possible resources in favor of the client to achieve the best result for their clients.

Complete Package of Legal Service

Attorney Beirut Lebanon provides excellent legal assistance to their clients and successful advocacy in litigation and also provides excellent advice in guiding business transactions legally.

The firm provides in-depth advice to acquire and targets in private acquisition and transactions for corporate partnering, strategic alliances, and joint ventures. The firm acts with high professional way and involves in major domestic and International Corporation and financial institutions.

Extensive Expertise in Drafting Letters and Documents

The firm has excellent experience in handling with all European financial insurers in a transaction that leads to sale and merges of Lebanese activity. Attorney Beirut Lebanon has extensive expertise in handling a variety of documents and legal transactions such as a letter of intent, tender offer documents. Confidentiality agreements, proxy statements, consulting agreements, information statement, and non-competition agreements and severance plans.

 Recent Works of Attorney Beirut Lebanon

Our most recent works include dealing with European financial group transaction related to Lebanese activity, acting for Danish business conglomerate in transportation and energy sector transaction for the local transportation company.

Acting for a major U.S. bank related to sale, merge and Insurance Lebanese activity and full-service law related to diversified commercial practice, banking, corporate, Insurance, Shipping, Aviation, and regional banking corporation.

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