Playing Rummy? Don't Allow Bad Cards Intimidate You

Posted by James Wade on July 22nd, 2019

Playing Rummy

Playing Rummy? Don't Allow Bad Cards Intimidate You

Players often get scared while playing Rummy if they cannot spot a joker card or other distinct cards without which it is impossible to form a combination quickly. Have you encountered this problem more than once while playing Rummy online? What do you do in such situations? Well, you still have chances to win even if you do not get great cards. Read the complete article to know all about it.

Playing Rummy - The Advantage of Getting Average Cards

Can good cards guarantee success to you? The answer is no. Indian Rummy is a game based on skills. Even one minor error done by a player, can kill the fun of playing rummy online. Similarly, people who have mastered the art of playing Indian Rummy know how to use whatever cards they have got in their favour. Today you will learn about the tactics employed by skilled Rummy players to win the game with average cards.

The First Step in Playing Rummy Online

At first, what you can do while playing Rummy is to have patience as you cannot afford to miss any opportunity of reducing your points. Carefully observe the cards that land in the common pile as well as the cards that people grab from the pile. A card can be worthless for one player. But the same card can be lucky for you. So, the first tip for you when you are playing Rummy online is to remain observant.

Bid Adieu to Bid Cards

The second smart trick is to lower the point score. For that, you need to bid adieu to Kings, Jacks, Queens, Aces, and cards with number 10 as soon as possible. When you are not sure about winning while playing Rummy, the best you can do is minimize your loss. As points of all players are counted when the game ends, having fewer points will ensure that you do not lose much.

Learn to Bluff

If you can be good at bluffing, you may end up winning the game. Even if you do not have sound cards, why will you have to let your opponents know that? Let them think that you have excellent cards. While playing Rummy online, always minutely observe what cards others are picking and make sure you do not give them what they need.


Dropping your cards before the game will minimize your loss to 20 points only. But, if you drop after any adversary declares, you will lose 80 points. So, if you feel that you have no chance of winning even after trying the tricks mentioned above, drop before anyone decides to declare. If you do so, you will suffer only half of the loss that one endures when he drops in the end.

To Sum Up

Playing Rummy or any other game involves both success and loss. But, you should not let bad cards demoralize you while playing Rummy online. Keep playing Rummy with confidence and never be afraid of accepting challenges.

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