Difference between Jet Ski Docks and PWC Lifts

Posted by Ejaz Khalid on July 22nd, 2019

Jet Ski docks and PWC lifts help to serve the same purpose; protect your jet ski. As with every other thing around, you have to pick an option which suits you best. So, which should you pick Jet Ski docks or PWC lifts? The truth is just that your choice depends on the type of water body, shoreline and the watercraft in question. Let's take a look at both of them and their respective differences.

Jet Ski Docks- These are also referred to as drive-on docks. These docks are designed to comfortably accommodate the size and weight of your watercraft. Making use a jet ski dock is quite easy because all you have to do is drive up to the dock and drive onto it. You ascent or descent will be aided by a system of rollers that distribute the weight of the ski.

The biggest advantage of the Jet Ski dock is convenience. It is relatively easy to use and there is no difficult process attached to it. Also, the use of a jet ski dock doesn't necessarily require any electricity supply. Ski Docks are known to make it easier for drivers to mount and unmount the vehicle.

Perhaps one of the drawbacks of using a Jet Ski Dock is the fact that it is not suited to rough waters. In water bodies comprised of strong tidal waves and currents, it can be tough to maintain the dock. Also, learning how to drive smoothly onto the dock requires some practice. It may be hazardous when not properly.

PWC Lifts- The PWC Lifts act as electrical or manual winches which help to store your watercraft by lifting it out of the water. This special lifts can simply be attached to the side of a dock for convenience.

When making use of PWC lift, you get to protect your watercraft entirely from the degrading effect of the water by keeping it completely above the water. This means you don't have to worry about any wear and tear caused by the water on the hull or gel coat. It also saves you from the stress of having to learn how to drive a jet ski up a ramp.

However, PWC lifts are known to require a lot more maintenance than jet ski docks. You would need to involve yourself in routine maintenance such as cable replacement. Also, installing your lift in soft soil can cause it to sink slowly over time.

The truth about Jet Ski docks and PWC lifts is that neither is truly better than the other. The choice between both of them is dependent on personal preference, type of water body and watercraft. A lot of times, you have to consider what benefits suit you best.

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