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Posted by John Smith on July 22nd, 2019

In addition to being clean and safe, a swimming pool should also be eye-catching. Whether it's for you to enjoy and relax or to greet your friends during a party, it should be with the pleasant light shades.

Hence the importance of investing in pool lighting.There are different types of lighting that depend on the need to use or sensation that one wants to go through. The combination of lamps, colours and lots of technology can make your pool a real spectacle.

Colour Pool Light-This type of lighting is suitable for any type and size of the pool. Reflectors illuminate the water with white light beams. There are several models of reflectors. One of the most indicated is the dichroic type of 50 watts. These have high lamp life and do not heat up. For the installation of these reflectors, it is recommended to leave a space of 10 square meters between each point of light.

White Pool Light-This kind of lighting is so practical that you do not even have to worry about renovations to apply it to your pool. Floating reflectors can be found with various lighting effects.

For example, you can adjust the reflector to emit white lights, ideal for traditional pool lighting. You can also program them to alternate colours, making a rainbow effect, use many other materials to decorate the pool during a party at your house.
Underwater Lighting

The LED is a novelty that has won the electronics market in general and also invaded the decoration of your pool. Among the advantages of this type of technology is the low cost in relation to energy consumption.

One thing to note is that this low power consumption may require you to install more light spots for a more concentrated effect. Either way, the LED is ideal for various types of pools, from vinyl, fibre and masonry. Another advantage is that LED lighting is virtually maintenance-free. Just replace the lamps if they burn.

These were some Colour Changing Pool Light tips for pools. And speaking of energy efficiency, have you ever considered installing a solar heater in your pool? This type of system has, among the advantages, free energy production and environmental preservation, since solar energy is clean, ecological and sustainable.

The time has changed for the swimming pool, nowadays the pool has become more stylish and fashionable and relaxing. Its time for everyone to move out and spend time in swimming pools.

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