MBBS in Georgia vs MBBS at DTMU

Posted by rubinaaqmal on July 22nd, 2019

Many aspiring medical students wish to pursue MBBS in Georgia. Most people, when they hear about DTMU, David Tvildiani Medical University, and its fantastic pass percentage at MCI eligibility Test, they start enquiring about MBBS in Georgia. The general perception, in their minds, becomes that doing MBBS in Georgia will ensure passing of the Eligibility Test; however, that is far from the truth.

They don’t pay attention to the fact that DTMU, has a hundred percent passing results at MCI Eligibility Test which is not true for all MBBS colleges in Georgia. So, while choosing to pursue MBBS in Georgia, it is necessary to be aware of these nuances. 

Over the last decade or so, many new universities and colleges have opened up in Georgia, in fact every year there are a few MBBS universities launched for the purpose of enrolling international students. Many don’t have even have a single batch of doctors to showcase yet. This is something one has to be very aware of while considering MBBS in Georgia. We need to pay attention to details. 

India has hundreds of universities and colleges which offer MBBS in the country. Are all universities and colleges good? Similarly when one considers MBBS in Georgia they must look at the results and infrastructure, and the past performance of the students of that particular college or university. Because of DTMU, MBBS in Georgia has become popular in India. Not all universities have the same results and the same passing percentage at the MCI Eligibility Test. DTMU is the only university in Georgia to have a 100% pass percentage when it comes to the Eligibility Test in India. So once someone hears of DTMU, Georgia, they should pay attention to that fact that people are talking about the amazing performance of this particular university, and not about MBBS in Georgia in general. 

MBBS in Georgia and MBBS at DTMU are two separate things. There are enough new and old universities in Georgia which do not have good results when it comes to the Eligibility Test, some don’t have a single student who has passed the test yet. It is because DTMU follows the pattern of USMLE, United States Licensing Examination Syllabus, which is perhaps the best curriculum in the world, that a hundred percent pass percentage has been possible consistently over the years for Eligibility Test. 

When one hears great stories about MBBS in Georgia, one must enquire, which University. That way one can get an idea about the best one in Georgia – DTMU. Even the students who study in other universities (in Georgia), and take admission without proper information, will tell you once they are already studying, that they should have taken admission at DTMU. However, it becomes too late by that time to transfer to DTMU. 

Once the students who wish to pursue MBBS in Georgia come to know that DTMU is the best, they try to transfer to DTMU. However, David Tvildiani Medical University does not provide credits for the semester that the students have spent in other MBBS colleges of Georgia. There is a reason for it. DTMU follows USMLE Pattern while the other universities follow a Georgian Curriculum. There is a vast difference between the two, and hence, the level of knowledge gained at DTMU and the other universities is poles apart.


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