What to Look For When Buying Faucet Water Filters

Posted by reedcooper on July 22nd, 2019

Water quality is a very important issue - we need water in order to survive, and without a doubt, we do not need filthy water in order to survive. The bottom line is that we need to protect ourselves from the numerous threats any system poses.

Typical water filtration systems, those that exist within your water treatment plant are rather inefficient due to the numerous contaminants the water may contain, and the very few filtration methods used by the treatment plant. The result is more often than not rather filthy water running in our kitchen.

The solution? A Faucet water filter. Why? Because it will help you get rid of a number of problems - starting from typical chemical problems (removing high quantities of chlorine) to biological factors (removing bacteria and so on). This depends on the quality of the filter you want to buy; therefore, you should know what you are looking for before you run into the first store and buy one.

o See What Gets Removed - the whole purpose of a water filter, even a faucet water filter is to filter the harmful things out of your tap water. Now, not all faucet water filters are designed in the same manner - some of them remove specific contaminants, while others remove almost all harmful contaminants. Each company is supposed to list the different contaminants that their filters will remove and it would be wise to check it.

o How Effective Is the Filter - Obviously, we should always discuss the quality of a filter. Price is not necessarily the main guide - you will often find overpriced filters that do just as much as the cheapest filter on the market. The human factor is probably the most important here - try to find out what people have said about it, check on forums or discussion boards or search for some sort of reviews. If a product is really bad, somebody has surely complained about it.

o Check the Costs - By checking the costs, I do not mean checking exactly its price, but how much it will cost you to operate this filter. Usually cost per gallon is the relevant thing, along with cost per 1000 gallons. Consider this as being some sort of benchmark that gives you an idea of how much it will cost you to filter the water for different types of water filters.

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Refrigerator water filter

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