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Prime Advantages Of Office 365 When It Comes Down To Your Business

Posted by JBrown153 on July 23rd, 2019

In this article we shall see how using office 365 can be beneficial for your business.

The security features are fairly advanced:- Security is a major concern. This is without a single doubt. One of the commonly held misconceptions is that the cloud is not always secure. However, the truth is that the cloud is not any safer or less safe than any on-premise system. It all comes down to how you use and what you use. It is all about the security measures that you take. The major advantage of using office 365 is that it comes in with a lot of in-built security features. This is one of the many reasons why so many companies are using office 365. It has made data securing reach a new level. One of the key security features is message encryption. This is one of the best features that you can avail in office 365. Basically what you can do is, you can send encrypted messages to someone and can ensure that nobody other than the intended recipient receives and reads the message. This end-to-end message encryption feature is the best thing that one can avail when one gets office 365.

Another great feature is advanced threat analysis:- ATA makes use of analytics and machine learning so that it can alert you to suspicious activities happening. Added to that, there is a built-in intelligence system which can analyze and also identify normal and suspicious users. Also, it is capable of updating in real-time. Also, this feature makes sure that your emails are thoroughly scanned for malicious contents and links which can be a threat to the system and other files. Added to that, you can also manage the office on the employee’s phone so that the crucial data of the company is secured and is not leaked. Basically, the office in the employee’s phone can be managed.

Also, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is monitored so that there is no leakage and it does not leave the premises of your office or your organization. So, data loss prevention is a major aspect of it.

Various plans for your business:- This has a wide array of business plans and features tailored to your organization. Mixing and matching and tailoring are very crucial aspects here that have to be looked at and analyzed. Also, the different employee will have different needs, which calls for mixing and matching. This will enable efficient tailoring of the features. If you are looking for office 365 and VOIP services in Bishops Stortford, consider Genmar IT.

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