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Posted by Ram Uppalapati on July 23rd, 2019

Even at this age of automation and fast-paced software testing, the use of manual testing is a mandatory factor before any release. Test automation can speed up the software testing process and is often seen as a replacement for manual testing. However, manual testing still has a core role to play in the software QA process. That is why; one can find many opportunities arising for manual testing in Kolkata and other places of India.

So, what is Manual Testing and why are the testing jobs so popular in the job market?

Manual testing, as the name implies, is a type of testing, where the ‘tests' or the checks are executed manually, and not through automated testing software. In manual testing, any problems or bugs in the system is detected through a series of testing done on the software.

Unlike automated software testing, manual testing is most difficult and takes an innumerable amount of time to complete. Even today with all the test automation tools available, manual testing remains a part of software QA process, particularly for ensuring high-quality user experiences. This is one of the primary reasons why the manual testing jobs in Kolkata and other parts of the country are quite sought-after, and most significant in the job market.

Why is manual testing important?

Apart from the fact that manual testing works religiously to find the bugs and troubles in the new software, it also sets parameters for the automated testers. Having a manual tester, to begin with, before the software is launched, is a mandatory requirement, and cannot be overlooked at any cost, for optimal performance of the software.

What are the testing tools used for manual testing?

When it specifies manual testing, it implies just that- the testing is done completely manually, and no testing tool is employed. One of the fundamentals of software testing is that a 100% automated testing is just not feasible. Hence, manual testing, done without any testing tools is what is required to make the software testing authentic and the software ready for the market.

Also, manual testing, unlike automated testing, requires a lot of work and is quite a tedious process. Unless you are an expert in the job, it may not be possible to detect the problems with the software using manual testing methods.

Hence, every software company, be it small or large, requires manual testers to help them with the launch or to resolve further hiccups in the software performance. That is why, the manual testing jobs in Delhi, NCR and those across the nation are extremely popular in the job market today.

So, if you are a software testing expert and are looking for a job in manual resting, you can get across several jobs in the market, provided you have the right expertise required.

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