How to Write a Personal Statement for University?

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Most of the universities ask you to submit a personal statement as a part of their admission process. Along with your previous grades, it forms the basis for analyzing your potential. A personal statement is an essay covering all your major achievements relevant to the course and the reason why you want to study at a college/university. Basically, you are trying to show how much value you will be to the university in the future. If you are applying to a top university, thousands of students will be competing with you. If you didn’t pass with ‘A’ in all your subjects, an essay is your chance to justify why you couldn’t score well in a certain subject.

Format of the Essay

Generally, a personal statement is not longer than 500 words. You must look at the university guidelines to know the word limit. Start your essay with an introduction of 150-200 words offering the necessary details of previous course achievements. In the middle portion, write why you want to join their university. At the end give a rational explanation of how the particular academic programming is right for you. Sum up all your statements with the conclusion. You are allowed to use a head and subheads in between the personal statement. Read a few examples from the professional assignment writing service before you begin with the essay.

Here are the dos and don’t you must follow -

1. Include your Strength - What made you ensure the hard work required for academic success? Was it a passion, time management, or practical skill set? Or all of them? Elaborating your positive traits is the first and foremost thing you should do. The professor there are relying on the essay to understand the qualities which make you stand out from the crowd

2. Give Evidence - The essay isn’t meant for boasting about yourself. If you claim expertise over an area, you must have an example (a situation or an award) to prove it. You can’t fake it in front of the university professors. They read hundreds of essays during the admission, as a result, they can easily make out if a person is lying.

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3. Explain Your Low Grade - Yes, you are answerable for scoring bad grades. It can be due to genuine reasons like an illness, death of near one or exam anxiety. Providing a valid reason is necessary to be in a good light.

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4. Elaborate Future Goal -Your career overview is mainly used for giving an insight into your earlier performance at studies. However, the university is also interested in knowing your vision. The university expects you to help in maintaining a level of excellence by winning awards and accolades. For this, your study goals must align with the course curriculum. Read the course syllabus and point out how it will help you achieve your future goals.

5. Stream Change  - Changing your career path is a major step in life.  If you are applying for a course that doesn’t comply with the last one, mention the reason why. Also, enlist the skills you already have that will come in handy.

6. Applying to Two Courses - Some of you will be filing applications for more than one course at the same university. In this case, you must write a separate personal statement for the two courses. Avoid writing a general essay. You can instead make changes in your first essay to tailor it for the other course.

The personal statement gives you a golden opportunity to impress the admission tutors. The purpose here is to let the professors know you better in terms of academia. With the assistance from cheap essay writing service you can craft an exceptional personal statement.

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