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Posted by sere on July 23rd, 2019

For the long-term development of metalized pet film products, May 21st, 2019 at Guangzhou, the yearly industry event"CHINAPLAS 2019" was opened at Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center. Foshan Cailong Metallic Packing Material Co.,Ltd and Dafu New Material co.,Ltd jointly unveiled with"Thin Film Technology and the brand newest breakthrough in translucent high-barrier performance substances along with the newest theme of"optical screen display-type optical movie too directing the new height of PC/PMMA composite plank". That is our first time to fulfill clients in the Chinaplas exhibition. 

 From the organization's almost 60 square meters stall, every single day guests are happy. The general supervisor Mr. Lin personally headed the staff and organized over ten coworkers including technical, sales and worldwide trade departments to take part in the exhibition, and also run two-way communicating and business discussion with clients.

From the four times, a batch of old and new clients and national and overseas professionals seen the firm booth each day, and several merchant businesses from the states across the"Belt and Road" are particularly interested in our goods. Business leadership and earnings, the specialized staff conveyed in-depth together with the client, detailed the business's goods, understanding customer requirements, negotiating business collaboration matters, and additional strengthening collaboration and deepening friendship.

Together with the open and inclusive stage of"CHINAPLAS 2019", Cailong and Dafu completely demonstrated the organization's adult products and technological innovation capacities to national and international clients, in addition to extensively collected from throughout the world and downstream businesses. The most recent demand information provides the very valuable market information resources for your organization's sustainable growth.

It's our main product now.

Alox Pet Film

AlOx PET Film is a slim and extremely transparent coating of aluminum oxide on PET movies that provides the substances exceptionally large gas and moisture barrier properties which rival those of aluminum foils and metalized Films. It's transparent and allows the packed product to be clearly observable.

The degree of barrier accessible from Alox PET Movies are much superior and give an option to those supplied by additional transparent elastic packaging materials such as PVDC-based constructions and EVOH coextrusions.

Cailong® High Barrier Vacuum Metallized PET movies incorporate a top excellent vacuum deposited Aluminium coating on the film surface and supply excellent barrier properties to get a wide-range of software.

Cailong® High Barrier Vacuum Metallized PET movies offer the following attributes: 1 ). High barrier against water, air vapour and scents. 2. High UV light shade. 3. 4. High Aluminium Adhesion to foundation movie on specific ranges. 5. 6. Great metallic gloss.

Within this exhibition, Cailong introduced new goods independently produced by the business, such as"transparent high-resolution AlOx PET movie" three series of products, compound coating improved PET metallized picture, seamless holographic PET/BOPP movie, etc.. 

Throughout the display, Dafu emphasized the"optical grade polycarbonate film/sheet" generated by the most recent generation line imported from Germany in 2018, also introduced the new substance of PC/PMMA composite plank that is created for the rear board of 5G cell phone has received attention from all walks of life.

Throughout the display, the organization's booth was overpowering, and countless samples and demonstration materials have been in short supply. The exhibition will certainly attract new opportunities for your following market growth of Cailong and Dafu, and push the organization's products to a wider market.

The exhibition also vividly revealed the organization's vibrant, accelerated development and technologically innovative company picture, which significantly enhanced the market value of their organization's"Cailong" and"Dafu" manufacturers and promoted the organization's sustainable growth.  

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