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Posted by Sweta Sharma on July 23rd, 2019

There are various types of problems which could be cosmetic and health and it has many types of solutions as well. We will focus on the problems and the treatments which are related to cosmetic purposes. Some of the more common issues are acne scars,age spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Some of the more common treatments are: laser hair reduction treatments for laser rejuvenation and laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, Botox (Botulinum toxins), derma fillers, chemical peels, hydra facial for acneand many more.


Aesthetic treatment - Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that is helpful to remove age spots as well as lighter acne scars. The procedure is one of the sought after wrinkle treatments because it is performed quickly in a facial esthetics office. The physician uses a handheld instrument to spray small crystals onto the dermal surface. The crystals exfoliate the skin layers, while using suction simultaneously to remove the crystals and dead cells. More than one microdermabrasion treatment may be needed for wrinkle removal and other treatments it provides.

Aesthetic Peels

Chemical peels, which are also known asderma-peeling treatment, are the cosmetic treatments that are performed on the face;it is majorly used as an anti-aging solution which helps in rejuvenation of the skin. Chemical peels are used to correct theissueswhich include texture, such as fine lines, wrinkles and color, such as the scars that are caused by sun damage. These peels have different kinds ofstrengths that are characterized by different kinds of acids used in the applied chemical solution. The peels are one of the best solutions to the skin related issues specially acne and dullness.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing removes the outer layers of the skin that are damaged. The laser resurfacing procedure stimulates the production of collagen and new cells in the underlying layers of the skin. Laser resurfacing is now widely being used to eliminate or reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face as well as neck.

Skin Rejuvenation

Laser skin treatment is one of the most popular and advanced wrinkle removal treatments that is done with the help of infrared light so as to tighten the skin without going under the knife. The laser light delivers heat to layers beneath the skin’s surface then stimulating the collagen production and making it look much brighter and tighter.

Many patients consider the procedure a good alternative to the traditional face lift, as there is no requirement of anesthesia, and scalpel. Also, it works on no downtime. Carbon laser facial is one of its kinds and is highly effective for the people who have pigmented or unruly skin.

Botox Facial

Botox is also a very famous and growing Aesthetic treatment that helps the person look much younger and glowing in no downtime what so ever. However, the counterpart to the same, Aesthetic Botox Facial is soon taking its place as it is one of its kinds doing the same job in fewer finances. But, it only stays for about 1 to 2 months depending on the person.

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Dream Derma in Noida is doing many aesthetic facials which include, Botox facial, Carbon Facial, Hydra facial and many more to please its client with beautiful skin.

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