Arizona Diamondbacks Take a Step Forward as Sellers at Trade Deadline

Posted by Andrew Julia on July 23rd, 2019

Arizona Diamondbacks made an incomparable victory against Baltimore Orioles 6-3 on Monday night in Phoenix. Buy Cheap Arizona Diamondbacks Tickets to be physically present at their next game.

Diamondbacks had been in playoff contention long enough. It is time to break the spell and step forward. Diamondbacks’ General Manager Mike Hazen had his plate full with mess Dave Stewart made in the past. Let’s be honest, the guy gave diamondbacks a lot to deal with.  Diamondbacks Fans can now offer their support to the team with Arizona Diamondbacks Season Tickets. Available at, get them now!

There weren’t many expectations of Hazen and he had all the time of the world, all he did is waste it. The J.D. Martinez and a 93-win rookie season he produced don’t add to the hopes.

But those times are long over, now fans expect a team that can nail more than just playoffs. Like Tampa Bay Rays, entered MLB together with Arizona and already looking to split the market. We look forward to a day when Diamondbacks snatch leads away from Dodgers like the Suns unseated the Lakers in the past.

Will our prayers bear fruit? Will Diamondbacks be able to take the lead? There is only one logical answer, only time would tell. Cheap Arizona Diamondbacks Tickets areon sale now buy them be at the stadium to cheer on your favorite team.  

We can assume from Hazen’s roller-coaster ways of handling things that he clearly doesn’t see Diamondbacks at a level he wants them to be too. And that’s good, he needs to take action if he really wants to amount to something. With the recent turn of events, we can say the changes have already started.

The Arizona Diamondbacks definitely didn’t have high expectations for 2019. However, they still are above .500 (50-48) starting from Saturday’s achievement, and stand one game back of the second NL Wild Card spot. That’s a big accomplishment and they somehow have carried out the season till now without much problems. Get the Arizona Diamondbacks Match Tickets and catch diamondbacks in action in their next game.

Trading Paul Goldschmidt was the right call and then they have the Ketel Marte emerging as the next superstar. Ketel Marte is batting .316 with 20 home runs and 51 RBIs. Aside from being in trade rumors too, Zack Greinke is also doing pretty well contributing to the team.

Nonetheless, they have faced major setbacks in the past, results of selling long-term possessions for short-term expansion. That did sound good at the time but like said earlier the happiness was short-termed.

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Then the history of the organization plays a crucial role in determining what they are now. The former managers did nothing but create more problems for the team.  Jerry Colangelo’s four years with the team wasn’t so bad. He even made the team win World Series, but he had this dangerous habit of excessive spending. Unfortunately, he was replaced with a more reckless Ken Kendrick. Though Kendrick once shared the spotlight as a worthy owner in sports, he made some thoughtless business transaction that wasn’t much different. Colangelo signed Randy Johnson he took on Zack Greinke.

But then again the time demands to jump out of this vicious circle and think big. Diamondbacks as sellers can go beyond the expectations if decided on trade prospects cautiously. Hazen needs to make the right decisions and not ones that won’t last.

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