Know the best air cooler brands in India for 2019

Posted by neev on July 23rd, 2019

With the ever-increasing summer heat, this time of the year not only takes a toll on the human body but also leaves you mentally exasperated. So, when it comes to beating the summer heat while making sure it is effective and affordable, air coolers come off as the best option.

Today, the market for cooling appliances provides you with numerous cooling options for small as well as large areas. It thus also brings some of the best air coolers to the fore with effective cooling technology and long-lasting build.

However, if you are planning to purchase this cooling appliance for your house or commercial facility, you must be well-informed about the brands that sell these cooling appliances. Here’s a list of some of the best air cooler brands you may look for to purchase from in 2019.

The best air cooler brands in India for 2019 – An overview

A. Symphony

With 4 of its air coolers in the list of top 10 cooling appliances for 2019, Symphony comes off as the top-selling, high-quality brand for cooling devices.

Having a wide range of cooling appliances in its product line, the brand serves the cooling requirements of a diverse range of customers. From portable home cooling systems to those suitable for large commercial spaces, the brand has it all for you.

For example, Silver I, a personal air cooling product has advanced i-pure technology that provides cooling with the 5-stage air filter. Its water capacity of 9L and an ergonomic handle become a favourite among users.

Other effective technologies used to manufacture symphony air coolers also rank it among the best brands. Its global presence and innovative designs further make it a favourite among customers.

B. Orient

Orient comes off as the second-best brand when it comes to manufacturing and selling air coolers.Its range of cooling appliances isprimarily recognised for its large capacity and a commendable combination of fan and motor. In terms of cooling efficiency, air throw and noise level, it only ranks a tad-bit lower than cooling appliances from Symphony.

C. Bajaj

With a wide range of home appliances in its store, Bajaj also brings several air cooling appliances to its product line. As far as the brand’s quality is concerned, its cooling appliances also maintain a similar level of efficiencyas known for its other products.

However, when it comes to commercial coolers, it is better to look for more product-centric brands like Symphony that bring you a wide range of options to choose from.

D. Kenstar

Kenstar brings more household-friendly air coolers, whose spot cooling technology with intense airflow make it an in-demand brand.Kenstar brings in a range of air cooling appliances you can choose fromfor home cooling.

Nevertheless, when it comes to cooling capacity and affordability, Symphony cooling applianceshave a range of appliances with high capacity at low prices. Their models like Silver-I come with cutting edge technology and hence has an edge over its competitors.

So, now when you have your curated list of the best air cooler brands in India for 2019, you may well proceed with finalising a cooler with the suitable features.Enjoy cooling your home or commercial space throughout the summer and experience comfort along with affordability.

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