The power of LED Spa light conquers the world of beauty

Posted by John Smith on July 23rd, 2019

Pentair Intellibrite White LED Pool Light offers the new technologies which are still applying to the world of beauty. The latest to arrive? LED lights, increasingly used in a multitude of treatments. It brings you closer to them so that you know them in depth there is an expert who tells us in detail their uses in the world of aesthetics.

We start from the fact that the skin is sensitive to light energy, and we have heard a lot about the effects of laser and IPL technology, in which the energy is also used. The Pentair Intelllibrite Colour LED Pool Light has the visible light technology has a direct action on the skin, with different actions depending on the colour they emit (this colour is determined by the different wavelengths). This is called photodynamic therapy.

The most well-known actions and uses are to stimulate the production of collagen, to mitigate acne and to decrease inflammation and congestion of the skin, depending on the type of therapy and the wavelength. The first studies of LED therapy were developed mainly at NASA, in their research to grow plants in space.

During these studies, we observed the effectiveness of light in the tissues of the body, especially in healing and repairing damages. The Pentair Intelllibrite Colour LED Pool Light makes the beauty of a person renovating.

Red LEDs stimulate fibroblasts for collagen production and cell renewal, which in turn are a good action as anti-wrinkles, to mitigate sun damage, for stretch marks. The skin rejuvenates, looks more radiant and improves in appearance, texture, hydration and firmness.
Blue LEDs act to stop the development of the bacteria responsible for acne. Another type of LED like amber is effective for rosacea, decreases redness and inflammation.

Generally, the protocol of action is six weeks of treatment and then maintenance. Depending on the device being used and the power, the exposure time will vary greatly. The frequency is also variable depending on the treatment to be followed. Pentair Intellibrite Colour LED Spa Light has a high demand in all over the world market.

Unlike laser and IPL treatments, LED light is a visible light that does not heat the skin or cause pain, although it is advisable to protect the eyes if direct light is used as a lamp. If using household appliances where the direct lamp is used on the skin, it is not essential to wear glasses.

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