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Posted by Thesis My on July 23rd, 2019

The idea that you are required to write your thesis in proper manner can be scary, especially if English is not your first language. Without a doubt, you will be faced with numerous revision requests, at best. At worst, they can be rejected. This is devastating, and a waste of time of money.

At such a point is when you need the services of a professional thesis writer. While in Malaysia, you can find these services from several providers. It is up to you to choose the best. Visit the homepage and you’ll not be disappointed.
These are the tips that pros follow:

Location of your thesis statement

A thesis statement makes the backbone of your thesis, be it an MSC/MA or a Ph.D. thesis. Placing it in a visible place will make people understand what your argument is about. If you burry it deep, chances are it will be sent back for revision

The statement must be specific

A specific thesis statement makes your thesis stand out. It may be challenging to create at first, but as you continually revise your thesis, you will get a clear picture of how it should be.
Ensure that your arguments are limited to what you can accomplish; your thesis must be focused, crisp, and narrowed to the point. This ensures that your ideas are well understood.

Understand the structure

Do you know the standard structure of a thesis? Each part of a thesis presents a particular idea. Understanding how the argument should be will help you present your information. Abstract, introduction, literature reviews, thesis statement, approach, outcomes, and limitations make the common parts of a thesis paper.

Plan your writing and writing it

First, write the outline and determine what need to make it a success – visuals, data, and references, among others.
After having all the necessary things in place, start writing the thesis, ensuring that you stick to the objectives. If English is not your first language, you may have a bit a difficult time, but this site will help you


Typos, grammatical errors, poor sentence structure, and low clarity, can make your thesis, less engaging, and bland. This will give poor overall readability making it difficult for people to understand. Read aloud, give friends to read it, and use spell checkers to affirm the suitability of your thesis.
If you find it difficult, there are discounted but viable options for you. For more information about writing your proposals visit

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