How to choose underwear? Panties. (Part 2)

Posted by Joseph Spolb on July 23rd, 2019

Last time we discussed in detail the rules for choosing bras. Today we will talk about other elements of biancheria intima.

Pant selection rules

Here, as in the case of bras, it is very important to make the right choice in order not to feel discomfort during the day. Observe a few simple recommendations and success in buying is ensured:
  • Do not rush to "grab" your favorite panties, the size should be exclusively yours, no more, no less. You do not want to have bruises on your body, spots or, worse, abrasions at the end of the day. And it is even possible if it is wrong to choose the size;
  • For everyday wear, choose body-pleasing, breathable fabrics.
That's all. Very simple, isn't it?
Determine your size
Very often, women choose panties, only approximately representing what size they need. And, of course, in most cases, the laundry sits down incorrectly, crushes and rubs, in general, causes a lot of discomfort when worn. Not to mention the fact that tight panties violate blood circulation . Of course, this should not be. So how to choose the right size?

Underwear Size Chart

In total there are three standard sizes of clothing and underwear:
  • European;
  • international;
  • Russian.
In order not to get confused, what size, in which country to acquire, the main thing is to remember your parameters. Based on their size, each type of shape is assigned its own size. Determine what size you have, right now.

Should I try on panties before buying?

Definitely worth it, even if you know your size. Different styles and fabrics sit in their own way . You can’t see if the panties are right for you until you try them on. Of course, you can not in the store to try on underwear on a naked body . Also, it can not be immediately put on after purchase, it is worth washing first. When carrying out the fitting, keep in mind that you are already wearing some panties. In any case, you will feel if the laundry is tight.

What materials to prefer?

The best option is organic cotton with a low percentage of synthetic fibers. They are necessary to give the product elasticity and durability.
Do not get carried away with synthetics. It contributes to excessive sweating, creating excellent conditions for the reproduction of dangerous bacteria, which in turn, as a rule, leads to diseases such as thrush and dysbacteriosis.
Do not overdo it with a lace trim, it can become an irritant to the skin. In addition, lace is often rubbed.  Be careful with the bright colors of the panties. Used paints can cause allergic reactions and generally be unsafe.

Secrets of the choice of panties by type

If you have an obvious tummy, then with the help of properly selected linen, you can visually get rid of it. Use for this purpose various types of attachments: panties with a height up to the bra, panties that resemble a corset or semi-corset - which is more like. So you will feel much more confident, and look much better.
Visually lengthen the legs will allow such panties as "boxers", "Brazilians", panties with side inserts of aerial, lightweight fabrics. 
But for girls with short legs closed shorts are contraindicated. In any case, whatever your problem areas, they can always be corrected by means of linen. In addition, do not forget about the magical effect of slimming pantyhose.

Lingerie for "every day": how should it be?

Now, when you know  how to choose the right bra  and panties, you can easily make yourself a set for each day. Now we only summarize the information already received. So, the rules for choosing underwear for everyday wear:
  • convenience and quality of materials in priority;
  • The size should be chosen correctly: the straps of the bra and the panties should not “squeeze” the skin;
  • underwear should not be frankly noticeable under clothes - this is the rule of bad taste.
That's all the basic recommendations that must be followed. Regarding the design of underwear for every day there are no restrictions, but you should not go too far. Remember about high-quality natural materials, the minimum amount of lace and the possible harm of colors for linen. Find in this middle ground. And do not forget that the panties and bra should have a comfortable fit and emphasize the dignity of the figure.
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