What are some problems in dairy industry?

Posted by alonelylearner on July 23rd, 2019

Dairy farming is decreasing day by day and also there are a lot of additional problems which are associated with it. The dairy machinery and milking parlour and the dairy plant can add to the count upon this on a large scale it is true that there may be some of the new trends in the market because of which the consumers are flocking towards the dairy business. The other famous business such as almonds, coconuts beans and peas can be turned into a creamy milk plant which is based upon the milk in which there is no need of cows.

Febru dairy campaign – Recently, one of this campaign which is famous for its work at dairy industry, but the true fact that before this began there was already many more which were running on the same basis. Instead the campaign was more commercial in terms of many plants like milk products etc. People using the hash tag to highlight the dairy industry divisive practices and also the questions that came in their mind while the campaign intended to bolster confidence. Many people have also supported the business of dairy farming because of the fact that they really want to overcome all the problems which are related to the dairy industry. Some of the most common problems which have been discussed are –

The problem is that the cows are also being tortured sometimes in the aspect of giving more and more milk. It is horrible to see the real situation of them behind the bars. How badly they are treated sometimes just to meet the cruel demands of the people and for the sake of market requirements.

There are a small percentage of modern farms which can produce milk from cows that are left outside to graze on fresh grass and clover. In the vast majority of dairy operations it has been noticed on a very large scale that the cows do not have a happy life. They have been tortured a lot at every point of life just to produce more and more milk.

People should know a little about the real meaning of dairy farming it does not mean only to satisfy the customers. On the other hand it is very important to meet the satisfaction level of the customers but also to take care of the cattle at the same time is humanity. According to some of the hard facts it is true that the sales of the dairy have been declined in the last few years by 11 %.

Conclusion –

So it can be said that we are the only species on earth that drinks milk even after the adultery age. Because on one side it is true that it provides us the strength and vitamins and minerals to fight against anything but on the other side this is also a fact that it can also affect the hormones in a negative manner if taken in a wrong manner or not taken with proper diet.