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Domain registration company in china

Posted by vbcn on July 24th, 2019

Looking for a domain name registrar, there are few websites that can register foreign domain names in China, and introduce several certification qualifications.

Foreign websites, mainly doing domain name transactions, mainly based on international domains and new top-levels, with fewer foreign domain name suffixes.

Foreign websites, mainly doing domain name transactions, country domain name transactions are also done, foreign domain name registration suffixes are less.
Maritime network

The most complete domain name website in China, with 1198 national suffixes to register, the main country domain name transaction.
Internet pioneer

Domestic website, starting a global domain name, can register many country suffixesWestern Digital domestic website, the main international. and other international domains, due to the new top-level domain transactions.

There are also eName, domain name city and the like are only international domain, less country domain.

How to register
1. The easiest way is to find the service personnel of these websites directly. Generally speaking, they will help you to get it all at once.

2.The precautions will also inform you. There are no conditions for registering an international domain name. Both the unit and the individual can apply for a country domain name.

3. However, the information provided by domain registration in each country is different. For example, domain name, Italian domain Malaysia domain, etc. need to provide local corresponding individuals/enterprises/organizations to register the domain name.

4. The Thai domain name Egypt domain name .eg Macau domain name .mo etc. need to provide local company, local trademark and local administrator information and the domain name and company name or brand name are the same.

5. Now there are a lot of domain registration websites on the Internet that will help users complete the registration. You only need to submit the country domain you need, and the specific operation staff will help you.

Shanghai Jianmo Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., is committed to providing comprehensive services for corporate clients. Jianmo upholds profession, integrity, outstanding services and enterprising values. We take the final needs of customers as our direction and provide customers with high quality services, so as to win the trust of customers. Jianmo starts from a small group and now has a solid technical team, allowing customers to reflect their own corporate brand characteristics in large and medium-sized enterprises, and ultimately achieve a win-win result.Our service covers the entrustment agent in overseas company registration, the import and export license, all kinds of business certificates all over the world.

TEL:+86 130 618 029 12

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