How To Get A Tattoo At Home Quickly

Posted by Catnip on July 24th, 2019

Tattooing is a way of expression. When a person decides to use an indelible form in his body, he is confident that he will be proud of it throughout his life. But the ultimate youthfulness passed away and there was no trace of confidence Sometimes we wear tattoos with the names of the people you love with the hope of living with him forever. Over time, life changes, feelings fade away. From all these stories, apart from memories, still is an indelible mark in the form of tattoos. At that time, you must reduce the tattoo by any means.

Of course, the best way to get a tattoo is to contact a tattoo shop expert. Experienced prototypes can offer various options for tattoo removal:

Camouflage - cover up the tattoo under a new pattern In this case, the design will be fixed and become unknown.
Another way to remove tattoos is cold therapy. The skin with the pattern is frozen and cut off together with the upper layer of the epidermis, the procedure is not for the wind of the heart has an unaesthetic traces.
Electrocoagulation Is the result of high frequency currents penetrating deep into the form The procedure is quite painful and long.
Laser tattoo removal Painful and expensive procedures
How to scrub the homemade mix of tattoos, which we will discuss in more detail.
Almost every method of mixing tattoos out of the scar after drawing - you must be ready for this.

How to make homemade information
Many years ago, people tried to make tattoos with temporary methods at home. We will tell you about the most effective and safe method. Alas, none of these methods can boast of their pain.

Iodine is a long way. But quite effective in reducing tattoos and getting pink skin in place In the pharmacy, you have to buy 5% iodine bottles. It's important to pay attention to the fact that iodine should not be 8% or 10%, otherwise you will burn your skin.

Absorb the cotton wool in the iodine and gradually "paint" the tattoo. Try not to exceed the edge of the picture. Tattoo procedure Iodine tattoo can take several months. But the result is worth Treat iodine with tattoos three times a day for several weeks. Obscure the surface that is coated with iodine is not worth it - you will get severe burns.

After 2-3 days, you will notice that the skin around the home tattoo removal  begins to peel off and peel off. This is normal as it should be processed. The only problem is that this method causes itching and burning. Scratching the wound is not worth it. But in the event that itching is unbearable, it is better to lubricate with baby fat cream,To discover more information about, you must check out our site.

After two months of regular treatment, the top layer of skin will come out with tattoos and some pink skin layers of skin will be in place of the pattern.

Sea salt
uses two tablespoons of salt, hydrogen peroxide and soap. Rinse the skin with a tattoo of soap and rub it with hydrogen peroxide. Then dilute the salt with water to get a solution Sea salt is suitable for this procedure because it has large particles. Rub the boiled rice with sea salt into the shape of the tattoo, rub it for at least 20 minutes. In this case, you can achieve this. This tattoo reduction cannot be called painless. But the end of the stitching means After completing the procedure, rinse the skin with cold water and tie the bandage there. Repeat the process every day so that the color on the picture three or four weeks will fade away. Over time, tattoos will disappear completely due to the salt corrosion properties.

Every celandine knows that the tincture of celandine, a rich decoction and the juice of this plant is used in the fight against celandine warts. Burn the upper layer of the epidermis. This place we will use to fight tattoos.


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