For RS Player Owned Farms, What Changes will be Planned to Make?

Posted by kellybam on July 24th, 2019

The RS team plan to make some changes to Player Owned Farms. And right now all the changes are being tested. Do you want to learn these changes rs3 gold first? Please read on to learn more.

Main changes for Player Owned Farms

When monitoring the Player Owned Farm content & the players’ feedback since its release, the RS team find out this activity offers too much Farming XP, heavily devaluing other training methods. So they will make some changes accordingly, such as:
1.They will modify the XP from Player Owned Farms by the the health and happiness of the animal on checking, ranging from 10% to 70% of the previous value, according to how well cared for the animal is.
2.Breeding in non-breeding pens will be 5 times less likely to succeed and 5 times slower, while in the breeding pen the current breeding rate keeps the same.
3.There will be some adjustments for the food rate, with each small animal requiring 1 food per 18 mins; each medium animal requiring 3 food per 36 mins; each large animal requiring 6 food per 54 minutes.
4.The team will increase the trait hereditary nature, making it easier to breed traits into animals born on the PoF.
5.They also plan to double shiny boosting traits in effectiveness.

When will be changes released?

All the changes should be coming to game in about a month, while the team are testing them currently. Of course, the above numbers may be changed at anytime before release. And after these changes, Player Owned Farm still will be the top method for Farming XP.

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