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Game in any Maplestory M Mesos for sale way.A good deal of newbies ask this question a lot, so I will list out some specifics. To begin with, there is not any differentiation between"damage dealers" or"supportive characters" since they all can be played to deal damage or offer some support for your group mates. The only class that sort of has this difference a little more defined would be the Knight and Priest class, as their supportive skills are a bit stronger then the other classes, and their damage abilities are a bit poorer when compared with the other classes too.

You will find a grand total of 11 different courses in MS2 so far, but instead of classifying them as"harm" and"supports," you ought to actually classify them in terms of"brief, mid, and long range" classes.The only downsides fall on short distance courses, as they endure the most penalties and have a lot of drawbacks in dungeons, raids, and PVP

later on. When fighting a boss, you have to actively reevaluate boss skills and run around the map. Long distance classes will be at more of an advantage, because of the fact that they can just run away a very long distance and still be able to damage the supervisor. The brief range classes nevertheless, cannot do this, as they largely have to keep following the boss to keep in variety and deal damage.There'll be times when the short range classes require a lot of harm while attempting to get close to hurt the boss. This gets particularly harder

 the greater the raids you're doing, as the bosses Maple M Mesos in those greater degree raids tend to use debuffs. The brief range classes will suffer 2 times the penalty, since they are not only taking a great deal of damage, but they also have to take care of the debuffs from these types of bosses. Due to such reasons, the quantity of MapleStory 2 players playing short range classes are diminishing, even though the brief range classes have a number of the greatest DPS in the

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