Invalidation of Wuqoof and their solution for Hajj

Posted by Ady on July 24th, 2019

At the end of the first day of major pilgrimage, pilgrims proceed to the tented village of Mina and held the camp in order to stay there overnight. On the next day, they move towards the plain of ‘Arafat where Pilgrims stay at ‘Arafat until dusk. At that place, the pilgrims stay in contemplation and prayer, an act that is known as Wuqoof (meaning standing). This is the most important part of Hajj and if pilgrims miss the Wuqoof, so their Hajj is not valid and they have to appear another year as a matter of precaution. Indeed ‘Arafat is the place where Adam and Eve were reunited following their dismissal from the Garden of Eden. It is also the place where the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) delivered his Farewell Sermon.

Muzdalifah is also known as Mash ‘aril-Haram and it is the third ritual of the Hajj. Its range is on track from the mountain Ma’zmein to Hiyadh and Wadi e Muhassar. So, the pilgrims who go for Hajj have great desire to climb up. But due to congestion and time confines, it is not possible to climb up Ma’zmein Mountain. Yet, pilgrims who get December umrah packages 2020 from the UK for Umrah, so they can climb up the mountain as there is no crowd.

Invalidation and its solution

Thus, if pilgrims attain to do Wuqoof during a definite period in both spots, so it is well and good. Yet, there are some certain alternative periods of Wuqoof Arafat and Muzdalifah in which pilgrims can complete the obligation. Though pilgrims are clearly provided guidance to perform Wuqoof on both places, yet if pilgrims could not complete it, so there are chances to arise in the following situations:

• If pilgrims do not accomplish Wuqoof at both of the places, their obligation (Hajj) is invalid. So, for them, it is necessary to change to Umrah-ul-Mufradah in the ihram of Hajj itself. Then it is mandatory for perform to perform Hajj in the following year

• If the obligation is Hajjat ul Islam, and pilgrims can also still afford it, so they should do it in order to remain the obligation to discharge it.

• Pilgrims accomplish to Wuqoof at Arafat while the selected period and the other period in Muzdalifah

• If Pilgrims do not manage to Wuqoof at Arafat during the alternative period and at Muzdalifah during the appointed period, Hajj is certainly invalid. Thus, they must manage to Wuqoof at Arafat while alternative period and at Muzdalifah while appointed time.

• If pilgrims do only the Wuqoof at Muzdalifah during the substitute period, so Hajj is apparently invalid and they must convert it to Umrah-ul-Mufradah.

• If pilgrims complete only the Wuqoof at Arafat during the fixed period, so Hajj is invalid, and they must change to Umrah-ul-Mufradah. Only, if on their way to Mina, they pass through Muzdalifah during the fixed period and do not stay there because of ignorance of the rule.

• If pilgrims do not only the Wuqoof at Arafat in the substitute period, so Hajj is invalid and they must change to Umrah-ul-Mufradah.

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