'Exile Road' 3.6 synthetic release time: When can I jump into the memory bank?

Posted by xiayumin on July 25th, 2019

The latest version of the Path of Exile extension will probably be released on the PC. If you've been training yourself in a free dungeon, you need to look for something more difficult to hone your skills so that you can progress faster.

The road to exile: synthetic release time
There is a countdown on the main page of the official website of the exile road, and it is recorded how long the game will be released from POE Currency the PC. If everything goes according to plan and the developer has not encountered any unforeseen difficulties, then your extension should be released on time at 3 pm.

What is the road to exile: comprehensive?
The 3.6 extension of the Road to Exile provides players with Cavas-centric rewards, loot and a series of stories. It is a spirit that has an important memory in its mind, depending on how your player reaches the inside and wakes it up. These "memory areas" contain new integrated enemies, and as you move further into Cavas' mind, the edges of the map will also collapse. You must quickly destroy these enemies, or you will face the wrath of death in your heart.

After completing the first few memory tasks, you will unlock more levels, where you can use the memory fragments you get from killing enemies to unlock new areas and new missions. Bundle the pieces together and form a complete map that allows you to mmoah.com cross these areas, fight larger bosses and receive rare loot. Some levels will include challenges or bonuses to increase the number of loot you can unlock.

Three broken items will be able to “synthesize” in the memory, giving you an extra life and other rewards to help you complete your adventure.

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