Remarks on Maintenance of LED Advertising Machine

Posted by ledbillboard on July 25th, 2019

LED advertising machine has been widely used in various industries, its components can be divided into electronic circuits and computer control boards, the appearance of the display screen broadcast a lot of dynamic information, some types can also support touch; as an electronic device, LED video wall display china has a certain length of time, in order to add a very good number of advertising machine life, to ensure the normal use of advertising machine in work, below Commercial Display Solution Supplier Scool gives us advice on how to maintain the LED advertising machine to improve its working life.

1. Keep an eye on the maintenance of skills. Electrostatic images often appear in electronic devices, and advertising machines are no exception. Static electricity will cause dust in the air to attach to the advertising machine, so we must do the proper collection. The wet cloth can not be used when cleaning up. The wet cloth not only does not clean up well, but also possibly forms a wet circuit. Therefore, the maintenance of outdoor advertising LED display should be skilled.

2. Pay attention to the maintenance of the body. LED advertising machine body itself has a certain period of time, the body switch will cause certain damage to the advertising machine, repeated switch will only constitute the damage of screen electronic components, will naturally affect the use of advertising machine, affect its life.

3. Care for clean maintenance. Adhere to the habit of regular cleaning advertising machine, can use wet cloth to clean LCD screen, pay attention to try not to choose wet cloth with too heavy moisture content, to prevent moisture from entering the screen and causing shortcomings such as LCD internal short circuit. It is advocated that the traffic-induced LED display should be scrubbed with soft scrubbers such as glasses cloth and lens paper. Prevent unnecessary scratches on the screen of the advertising machine.

4. Pay attention to the maintenance of environmental factors. Advertising machine's operating environment will directly affect the function and longevity of the advertising machine. If the light is too bright, or even direct light, on the one hand, it will affect the visual transmission of the advertising machine, on the other hand, direct light will damage the screen electronic components. Otherwise, the humidity of the environment where the advertising machine is located should be appropriate. Excessive humidity of the electronic equipment will only affect the circuit condition and cause questions.

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