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In gas-filled thermometers, a gas is used as a thermometric fluid instead of any other liquid. The operating principle is the same as the liquid-filled thermometers. The expansion of the fluid is not measured here, but the rise in its pressure in the same volume that is associated with a rise in temperature is measured. It is very ideal, that the gas temperature is only measured when the pressure is at a constant volume. In Gas Filled Thermometer, the pressure measurement is based upon a Bourdon tube. It is a C shaped tube that inert gases like nitrogen and helium in high pressure. The Bourdon tube is connected to a bulb that seems like the actual measuring probe. The whole system is entirely sealed as gas-tight.

About the gauge

The Capsule pressure gauge is a device that is used to measure air and dry gases in low pressures. They are measured in spans from 2.5mbar to 600mbar. The elements that are used for its measuring contain two metal diaphragms that are soldered together to form a cylindrical chamber. The main use of this gauges is to measure the pressure in display in an integral unit or vacuum spaces. The two main types of gauges are bourdon tube and bellow gauges. The bourdon tubes use the technique of taking all the pressure and converting it into energy that is mechanical.

The cost of the devices

The cost of the two devices in conversation is not going to be very high. The gas-filled thermometers are very reasonable in price and can easily be purchased by people willing to use it. On the other hand, the capsule pressure gauge is also very reasonable in its price and this can also be purchased by anyone willing to buy. There is no requirement of any kind of licenses in terms of buying these products, but it has to be made sure that these products are handled with utmost care as they are glass items and they carry mercury inside of them.

How a gas filled thermometer works

A fixed volume of gas thermometer is a composition of bulb that is filled with a fixed amount of dilute gas that is attached to a mercury manometer. The fixed gas volume thermometer operates on the same principle like a non gas thermometer. However, there is a restriction to it and that is the gas is always at low pressure and the temperature of it is highly over liquefaction. According to the Charles’s law, it is said that when the temperature of gas is increased, the volume of it also increases. Thus, the temperature can easily be measured by knowing the volume of gas using a certain formula.

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