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Posted by faessi1 on July 25th, 2019

In addition to work, children and the many obligations in everyday life, you are often happy when you can simply drop a bowl of popcorn into the sofa and let yourself be sprinkled by the TV. But every now and then you wish there was something else. Something you look forward to after work, something you pursue passionately and something where you have time for yourself. A hobby!

Sporty hobbies

Combining hobby and exercise is probably not such a bad idea. It is definitely better to look forward to sport than to drag yourself to the gym. There are endless sports activities that you can do alone, in pairs or in groups, which are more or less physically demanding and which are cheaper or more expensive. All other hobbies you find on Here is a small overview:


Dancing is a lot of fun AND it burns a lot of calories. Do you prefer ballet, jazz dance or hip-hop dancing? For all dance styles there are numerous groups and workshops for beginners and advanced dancers. Before registering for a course, you can take a trial lesson to see if you like the course. Most courses take place weekly for half a year. But you don't have to take a dance course, you can also study the choreography of your favourite song at home.

If you prefer to dance with a partner, you can learn samba, waltz or boogie-woogie in a dance school. You like to have a dance teacher for yourself? Private lessons are available from € 60 for one hour.


In a beginner climbing workshop you will learn basic climbing techniques and how to secure yourself properly when climbing. In climbing halls you can borrow the necessary climbing ropes and shoes. You don't want to take an introductory course? Then try bouldering! You don't need any climbing ropes, because you only climb at a height where there is no risk of injury when jumping off.


With a skateboard it never gets dull! There are lots of skateboard tricks that you can practice and perfect until you drop. In addition you get to know new people on skateboard courses again and again.

Jiu Jitsu/ Karate/ Judo/ Taekwondo

Maybe you'd like to go among the martial artists? Just find out if there are any courses in your area and get a taste! So you can find out which martial art suits you best.

You don't have to be a circus member to learn how to juggle. Get some balls and try your luck! You can find videos with instructions on Youtube. If you want to learn from professionals, take a juggling course. You'll see, it's a lot of fun!


There's something liberating about jumping on a trampoline. It also makes you fit, reduces stress and releases happiness hormones. Kids don't love jumping on a trampoline for nothing. In Kalsdorf in Styria there is a huge trampoline hall called Jump25 with freejump areas, professional trampolines with wall running and airbag trampolines - so make sure you stop by if you want to get your hobby.

Laser Day

In this fun sport two teams usually play against each other. Both teams try to hit the members of the opposing group with a laser weapon as often as possible on their vest. The cheapest hobby is probably not laser day, considering that a 15-minute game costs about € 10. But it is a lot of fun, especially if you know the game partners.

Table tennis

Playing table tennis doesn't require much physical endurance unless you intend to do it as a competitive sport. Table tennis tables are available in some parks or recreational facilities and numerous sports centres offer them. At the Vienna Table Tennis Center, for example, you can rent a table for € 5 for half an hour.


Bowling is also well suited for people who do sports but don't want to spend all their time. The nice thing about bowling is that the sport is also a social event where you can get together with friends, talk and drink one or two drinks together. Here you will find the cheapest bowling alleys in Vienna.

Play Frisbee

Playing Frisbee is a very uncomplicated hobby. You simply need a Frisbee, a partner and an area with as few trees as possible.  Because recovering a Frisbee that has become wedged in the branches of a tree can be quite tedious! Playing Frisbee is also a team sport - it is called "Ultimate Frisbee". So if you'd rather play in a larger group, you should look for an Ultimate Frisbee group!

Play Minigolf

Minigolf is a rather cozy sport that is ideal as a hobby. Skill as well as tactical considerations dominate the game. Basically, mini golf is played by two or more players. But you can also play it alone and try to beat your own record. The less points, the better! Here you have an overview of all minigolf courses in Vienna. With around € 3 per round, the hobby is one of the less expensive.


Swimming is an extremely versatile hobby that can be practiced by all ages and also has a lot of health benefits. For example you can learn breaststroke, crawl, butterfly or backstroke, swim in the indoor pool, outdoor pool, lake or sea and if you want more variety you can try fins or paddles. Popular baths in Vienna are the Höpflerbad, the Krapfenwald

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