Crash Warning Issued by Microsoft with latest Windows 10 Update

Posted by Marilynruth on July 25th, 2019


Windows 10 has not been the smoothest operating system in recent years even if Microsoft has been making many attempts to make desperate changes to the system. And Microsoft has pushed a latest Windows update that you need to know about.

Microsoft warns its users that the latest updates will intentionally break a few Bluetooth devices like crucial hardware for windows like security fobs, the users will need to upgrade their devices to make them work again. In that case, you may need to contact the Microsoft customer service number for the help.

With this update the users can face various issues relating to pairing, connecting or using a certain Bluetooth device. This update addresses a security vulnerability by intentionally blocking the connections from windows to unsecure devices. Otherwise, your window might crash or give a warning like that. 

However, if other products like Outlook are crashing after the update then you need to contact the Outlook support number for more help. If your Bluetooth devices are affected by this windows update then you need to contact the manufacturers of the Bluetooth devices to check if there is an upgrade available. With this update, those Bluetooth devices have become obsolete and you have to upgrade your devices to keep using them in the future. 

It does not mean that Microsoft is blocking these intentionally and aren’t letting users use their old devices. The thing is that Microsoft is pretty serious about the security of the Windows 10 and that is why this move. They aren’t letting anything compromise the security of their system and that is why have to go through this update.

You can either stop using those devices or upgrade them and use the new ones. You can also contact the good folks at Microsoft office phone number to get more info relating to this matter.

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