Things Popular Web Series on Office Politics Teach You to Deal with the Chaos

Posted by Himani on July 25th, 2019

Off late, there have been many popular web series that emphasized and presented the real scenario of what a corporate work environment is really like. From Life Sahi Hai to The Official Chukyagiri and The Official CEOgiri; the Hindi web series scenario has evolved and how!

While the much common genre of ‘office politics’ is less explored and needs more penetration; there have been these amazing popular web series that focused on the real-life situations and challenges we all might have faced or see someone else facing them.

Let’s look at the life-like situations that are beautifully addressed in the popular web series based on office politics and how to deal with the chaos:

The Intern Theory

Such is the plight of interns at most corporates that even at the mention of the letter “I” of intern, they’re treated oddly. From bringing in coffee for everyone to making bundles of xerox copies, and even driving the car of the CEO; they’ve to do it all. However, the popular web series ‘The Official Chukyagiri’ shows us the light at the end of the tunnel by being patient and just go with the flow to ultimately win over everything and everyone.

The Golden Rule

While the interns are thinking that they’ve already wasted three months of their internship and still learnt nothing, usually an office boy comes to their rescue. Now why an office boy? Because he has been around long enough to see through everyone and come up with the most delirious gyaan on surviving through the office politics. What they say is the ultimate wisdom to defy all odds, ‘Look busy, do nothing!’ Isn’t that a great thing to learn from the popular web series made on office politics. Though we recommend not practicing it unless all options fade out.

You Get a Reality Check, Soon!

I saw that once in a popular web series on office politics and environment -while you’re thinking that you are finally settling in and ready to take everything heads-on at the company, you’re given a reality check soon enough. Your manager insists you on making a presentation overnight that would otherwise take atleast three days for a settled employee. You become the topic of fight for other managers to take you in their teams as they start considering you a diligent resource. You’re at last split in many ways but finally ecstatic that you’ve arrived. A lesson I’ve learnt watching a popular web series on office ambience that never give up, face the reality check and emerge higher and stronger.

Stay Steer Clear of Romantic Office Relationships

While most popular web series may revolve around romantic office relationships, I insist avoid having one as it ends up messing up your life and the relationship dynamics with others too. You would obviously not want to get caught at the fire exits or in the office washrooms professing the intensity of your emotions while becoming an object of office gossip throughout the day.

Popular web series and even movies draw on situations from real life, office politics, and other scenarios making them more relatable and authentic for everyone to watch. Make sure you never miss watching some amazing web series based on real-life situations at Watcho.

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