7 Lessons You Must Learn Before It's Too Late From Your Mistakes

Posted by Amaresh Jha on July 25th, 2019

Life is full of lessons. Some we learn at an early age while some we learn a little bit late. Some of the life lessons can be learned from one's own mistakes but we should also try to learn some lessons from other’s mistakes as well. We all know that life is too short to experiment with everything and then learn, so learn from other’s mistakes as well.


There are several Motivational Books in Hindi as well as English which you can refer to learn some easy and quick tips to lead a happy and successful life. A motivational speaker can also help you in showing the correct path to a happy and satisfied life. But in general, you are the one who could learn from your mistakes and vow to never repeat them.

Listed below are some of the lessons that must be learned from one’s own mistakes before its too late.

  • Never make excuses- Excuses make you weak, if you are repeating your mistakes, it is not considered as a mistake, it is considered as a habit. A person with procrastinating nature often make excuses and postpone their work. This is not acceptable for life as it is very small, take inspiration from the Motivational Books In Hindi or English and motivate yourself to do the work in time.
  • Stop complaining- it is very important to be happy and satisfied with whatever you have. So stop complaining and start adjusting with whatever you have. There might be many people who do not even have half of what you have. Amaresh Jha, a Motivational Speaker in India gives you life lessons for improving yourself.
  • Turning Passion into motivation- we always a soft corner for our passion and dreams, but if we make our passion into a dream it gives the best result. So rather than experimenting with different things in life try to make your passion into motivation and be successful.
  • Take inspiration- taking motivation from others is also a great idea for those who are suffering from continuous failures in life. Rather than getting vulnerable every time you make mistakes try talking to people who have faced similar issues in life and have overcome them. Take inspiration from them and follow them but not blindly.
  • Learn to be yourself- it's very much important to keep the essence of owns own identity alive. Being oneself and be able to make people believe that this is what you are is a good thing for being satisfied and happy in life. Don't copy others and make yourself a duplicate copy of others.
  • Create a balance between everything- Amaresh Jha in his motivational speeches has always taught to create a balance between everything it may be work, a family or your personal life. This keeps everything in place and indeed you will be in a happy space.
  • Encourage yourself- it is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself happy. There are many people around you who will demotivate you and pull you back, but you should keep on motivating and encouraging yourself.

So, whatever you are doing in life should never hurt yourself or anyone around you. It's very difficult to keep everyone happy, but it's equally easy to do so. Learn from your mistakes and be a happy and satisfied person. Amaresh Jha is a motivational speaker in India/ NLP Trainer In India / Corporate Trainer who encourages all to overcome their problems and do something productive in their lives.

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