Positives Of Using Aluminum Composite Panels In UAE

Posted by Tssc group on July 25th, 2019

The façade of a building can catch the attention of viewers instantly making it stand out from the others. It is no wonder that the top constructors of both commercial and corporate building favor the lightweight aluminum composite panel UAE that provide total freedom to architects to experiment with their design so that the final effect is one of elegance and beauty. The material is flexible and intensely easy to work with. However, most of the construction worker’s team believes this kind of panel to have several pluses that cannot be dismissed as easily. Here are a few benefits of the composite panel made out of aluminum that is sure to wow over the building contractors and crew.

  •  Durability- Most of the aluminum panels are preferred by construction workers on account of its flexibility with the panels being easy to bend and cut into any kind of shape, no matter how irregular it happens to be. Moreover, the metal also happens to be long lasting with the panels remaining functional for as long as 30 years or more. The artists can also drill holes through them or perforate the panels as required without causing any loss of the structural integrity.
  •  Light- It is a material that is well known as one of the most light weight materials and most effective for cladding systems. Statistics reveal that the aluminum panels are actually 66% lighter than the stainless steel ones making it the material of choice for manufacturers across industries.
  •  Low Maintenance—The building contractors do not have much to worry about when questions about maintaining the aluminum panels are asked. Cleaning the panels thoroughly once in every two years will make the façade gleam unlike other materials such as wood, steel or concrete. The buildings that have been put up near the coastal areas may require more frequent cleaning as will the panels installed in buildings erected in heavily industrialized regions. You would not have to buy expensive products or hire a cleaning crew to have the panels cleaned perfectly either. Moderate pressure washing is likely to do the trick. However, it might be prudent to contact the contractor or an architect for learning about the best cleaning process before beginning to undertake the maintenance.
  •  Affordability- The cost of aluminum panels is not too high. Besides, you would be pleased to note that there are not many fixation points to be made while installing the panels. This helps to keep the labor costs don with only a couple of team members being able to install it in place. The extraordinary durability of the panels plus low maintenance makes the entire project cost effective as well. One certainly does not have to be a millionaire to afford installation of aluminum composite panels today.

Ask any aluminum composite panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia and you will be astounded to know that these panels happen to be non combustible as well. Your building will not have any risk of catching fire therefore.

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