How to Create a Fostering Preschool Environment at Home

Posted by Elevyn Lopez on July 25th, 2019

To help children learn and grow, it is important for parents to create a nurturing environment.  A nurturing environment can inspire healthy social interaction and effective cognitive development. An educational atmosphere can also expose children to new concepts and how to approach and explore them when they are on their own. Here are a few ways you can provide your child with a healthy preschool environment:

1. Find a distraction-free zone

Designate an area for learning that is well lit with minimal distractions. Try to avoid using your child’s bedroom as they may associate that room with sleep or play. Also, bringing work into one of their personal and frequently used spaces may turn a safe zone into a stressful environment. The most important quality the room should have is that it promotes learning.

2. Avoid clutter

After designating an educational space for learning, focus on removing clutter. Having clutter in a learning area can overstimulate a child and distract them from concentrating. Try to designate a creative corner for art projects, a desk for writing and a cozy area for reading.

3. Provide children with a wide range of learning materials

It is important to provide a wide variety of learning materials to your child. This is because everyone learns and retains information differently. You can find alphabet writing practice sheets for preschoolers, craft and activity books, construction materials, bilingual audio-books, and more online. You can also find a variety of children learning worksheets that are targeted towards helping children practice their counting, spelling and more!

Set daily routines

Setting daily schedules can encourage your child to get their work done in a timely fashion. Try designating 20 minutes at a time to read or work on alphabet handwriting worksheets every day. It is important that your child gets into a good learning rhythm.

A positive learning environment can help children develop their education. By providing them with a healthy learning space, you’re encouraging their love for education and aiding in their cognitive development.  

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