5 Unique Ways to Improve Old or Damaged Furniture

Posted by joiesfabrics on July 25th, 2019

Restoring and repurposing furniture is a fun way to enjoy your free time, and you can even make this a group bonding activity with friends or family members. Even better, you get to save money by investing in your current furniture, rather than buying brand-new furniture. 

Restore furniture in current use, improve cheap buys and old finds, or make the best out of a gifted piece. There are many ways to improve old or damaged furniture, or something you feel like giving a nice face lift to. Here are 5 unique ideas. 

Change Its Color

Color has a huge impact on how a piece of furniture looks. You can change the style of a piece of furniture simply by painting or restaining it. For instance, make an outdated piece of furniture look modern with a coat of matte black paint. Make something cold and corporate-looking feel homey with a bright color. 

Repair Damage

Some pieces look great as they are, but just need some TLC. You can use wood glue and screws to secure wobbly legs or trim. Polish metal with a storebought cleaner, and use a special upholstery treatment to get stains out of cushions. 

Reupholster It

Reupholstering furniture is one of the best ways to revive something outdated and tacky. Or, in cases where repairs just don't work, a new piece of upholstery can make antique furniture look like new again. Visit an upholstery store in NYC to explore the possibilities. Find a similar match to stay true to the original piece, or add contemporary patterns to older furniture for a unique and artistic combination.

Modernize It 

Upholstery can modernize furniture, but so can other unique touches. For instance, try painting hard wooden surfaces in a shiny, metallic coat of paint. Or, you can strip tacky paint color choices and refinish wood with a natural stain. 

Repurpose It

Finally, consider giving old furniture new life elsewhere. Here's where you can get very creative. Turn an old headboard into a unique breakfast table by adding legs and a pane of level glass on top. Combine multiple chairs into a single long bench with one upholstered cushion. Or, take an old hutch and remove its legs and cabinet doors. Now you have a new bedside table or bookshelf. 

These are just some of the creative ways you can give new life to old or ugly furniture. Make sure you have everything that you need for your home furniture projects. Visit an upholstery store in NYC to explore all kinds of gorgeous fabrics, including different materials, patterns, and styles--no project will be out of reach. 

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