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Posted by Allan Park on July 25th, 2019

That sensual, dark, sweet liqueur with its rich coffee aroma carries back memories of perfumed tropical evenings when you wore a floral hibiscus in your hair, danced close waving palms, and loved Mexican food with a delicious Kahlua cocktail in your hand.

Since 1936, Kahlua has been made from premium Arabica coffee beans cultivated in Veracruz, Mexico. This delightful liqueur is named after the language of the everyone of Veracruz, spoken there long before the Spanish Conquest, meaning "House of the Alcolhua people."

In desserts such as cakes, ice cream and cheesecake, the liqueur is used to create cocktails and as a sauce or ingredient. We all remember and can still appreciate these fantastic Kahlua Cocktail Recipes, such as Mudslides and B-52's-which we loved during our misused youth!

Did you know you were able to create your own Kahlua? You can use it to create cocktail recipes for your own Kahlua. It's easy-to get started, you need a big Dutch oven or stockpot. Brew a 12-cup coffee pot; it will have a richer flavor if you can use chocolate-flavored coffee. Pour the brewed coffee into the pot and gradually stir it back to a boil in two pounds of light brown sugar. Allow it to cool-if you want, you can add a cup of crushed ice to make it quick.

Stir in 4 to 6 tablespoons of vanilla extract and 1 bottle of 190-proof Clear Springs or Everclear when it is fully cooled it tastes better than vodka because it is smoother. If you wish, you can add a little extract of almonds. Pour it all into a gallon bottle of glass (not plastic) and let it sit in a dark, cool location to mature for about a month. It's critical, of course, that you taste it at least once-or twice-or even three or four times before you even consider serving it to customers!

You can use other liquors to create your own Kahlua-consider brandy instead of the Clear Springs. And you can serve it in various forms; warmed up as a digestive after dinner, or poured on crushed ice. Many like it mixed with cream and with your Kahlua cocktail ingredients, you can become very creative because you can use loads of other mixers; attempt adding a flavored cooler to it.

Here's another recipe you'll enjoy for Kahlua cocktail-and you can serve it as a dessert beverage. In your cocktail shaker, pour one portion of your Kahlua and one part of Irish cream liqueur and add two components of good quality vodka. Shake well, then add a piece of fresh cream to the dairy. Pour over ice and serve whatever garnish you have on side in a chilled glass. You just constructed a mudslide for yourself. And how about a Kahlua milkshake–Kahlua's two ounces, one ounce of white wine, a  cup of vanilla ice cream, and some chocolate syrup. Mix and pour into a tall chilled glass and serve with a nice straw. Your Milkshake Mocha Kahlua is born.

You can create so many distinct Kahlua cocktail recipes and you're restricted only by your own imagination-let it soar! Here's one for "After Eighteen" perfect as a dessert or after-dinner celebration drink for a graduation party. If you have customers who are dairy-sensitive, you will need two ounces of Kahlua, two ounces of white cream de menthe and some chocolate milk or soy chocolate milk. Pour the Kahlua and the mint cream into a high chilled glass, add some ice cubes and add chocolate milk to the top.


Would you like a recipe for Kahlua cocktails with a kick and a display? If you like a little "bite" in the back of your neck, here's a Kahlua Cockroach for you. Mix one piece of Kahlua with two pieces of rum (watchful, now) and set it on fire. Sip through a straw right away; so much fun!

For two-lunch with candles and wine in front of the fire-you are planning a quiet intimate evening. Mix in an ounce of Kahlua when it's time for after dinner tea. Or, finish your evening with this Kahlua cocktail recipe-two Kahlua pieces blended with two pieces of whipped cream and then add four pieces of soda water and garnish t iwith a colorful straw and shaved chocolate.

No matter what you mix with it, any Kahlua cocktail recipe is great. But how you present them is the key to making them appealing, enjoyable and memorable. To serve them, use a range of glasses. Colored glasses, wine glasses, tall champagne flutes, they can be tall or short, stemmed or not. Have lots of distinct garnishes on hand, like shaved chocolate white or dark, thin orange slices, fresh raspberries-you get the concept. Before serving the beverages, try "frosting" your glasses-dip the bottom of the glass into lemon juice and then sugar in advance.


These small tropical umbrellas, colored straws and sparklers can be used, particularly at night, maybe outdoors on your deck as sparklers really create a party buzz.

And if you have a theme party like food blog or "tropical island" make sure you have some skewed fruits on hand ; pineapple sticks or wedges-your Kahlua cocktail recipes are yours to play with, generate some unique tastes and flavors that your friends will love, maybe cnn.

Here's another Kahlua cocktail recipe for you-try this one as it's a party-maker for sure. The "Flaming Lamborghini" is a fun way to add excitement to your gathering, especially if you have guests who don't know each other because it's going to "break the ice!" Put one portion of Kahlua on top of it in a big, tight glass and layer. Have two handy shot glasses and pour one portion of Irish Cream into one portion and the other part of Blue Curacao and food blog healthy.


Now, here's the fun part-put a straw in the Kahlua / Sambuca glass and set the Sambuca alight with a taper or long matchstick-let it burn, but don't let the straw melt! Simultaneously add the Irish Cream and the Blue Curacao and drink through a straw!

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