How to Quit an Addiction?

Posted by Amrinder Singh on July 26th, 2019

Being a drug addict does not defend your character or show your weakness. To get rid of an addiction, one needs strong willpower and focus goal. Perversion of alcohol or drugs affects our brain functioning very strongly, causing deep cravings for more and more tobacco products. It affects to the extent that a person thinks it is impossible to quit an addiction. But it is all wrong, one can quit an addiction but the question is HOW to quit an addiction?

Firstly, we will throw a light on how just a fun activity of taking drugs turns into a lifetime tough addiction. At your first trial of drinking, you just thought it was just for the sake of fun. But you didn’t realize the repetition of the process becomes your addiction and then to strong cravings. Some people assume that they can’t quit their addiction and it’s a kind of impossible thing.

But you can easily quit this habit under proper medical treatment and expert guidance. There are very fewer chances that victims can quit the habit on their own with their willpower and efforts. It is a very difficult task. Addiction hinders the thinking power of the brain and attains the control. Sometimes it can cause risk to quit an addiction without medical treatment to our physical body. There are a lot of factors such as physical, mental and emotional that makes de-addiction, a difficult task.

How to Quit an Addiction- The First Step

The most important thing towards every task is our first step and this is also true in quitting an addiction. Recognizing that you are suffering from a problem and to make a decision to change it, is the first step. During this process, there are possibilities that you may suffer from many emotional traumas like:

  • The method you handle your stress
  • people whom you allow in your life during your crucial time
  • The medical therapy you have opted
  • What kind of activities in your free time you preferred
  • Most important-how do you think about yourself

How to Quit an Addiction- The Second Step

Once you passed from your first step and make a firm decision to quit an addiction, your immediate action is to get knowledge of medical treatment methods. De-addiction methods vary according to the exploitation of drugs. But generally, frequent steps are:

    Detoxification: The obvious step is to purge drugs and gathered your courage to handle your detoxify body.

    Medication: It is the best and most effective natural therapy to deal with your situation. You will be able to control your mind on your own.

    Counseling: During the face of improvement, the biggest change is noticed in your behavioral actions. Therefore, support and counseling with your family members, friends, and near ones can help you with your therapy. This also helps to repair your relationships.

    Physical Activities: Drug addiction harms physical appearance more than anything else. To recover your physical appearance, the best way is to indulge your body in physical activities such as outdoor games and workouts.

Various rehabilitation centers like New Generation Care Foundations, Nasha Mukti Kendra in Bathinda, Rehab Free, etc all over the country can help you to retaliate your situation. These centers comprise the best team of doctors. They will impart you about your exact problem and will prescribe the best treatment as treatment differs.

How to Quit an addiction- The Third and Final Step

Apart from medical consultancy, a patient’s firm determination is also needed. Drug addiction treatment is not an easy and short period task but it is a long term task, so patient’s commitment matters a most. They should be strong about their decision.

These are some steps that can help people to be drug addiction-free and help them to lead a normal and prosperous life. Some measures should also be taken by the patient in this journey like:

  • Patients should not be alone and be accompanied by someone. This is because they are suffering from the tough phase of their life so they need someone for moral and positive support.
  • Patients should have to build a sober network. They need sober friends for fast recovery as they can support him.
  • They should have to check their stress level and need to calm down and increase their confidence level.
  • The most important is not loose hope but should remain positive about their treatment and should accept the change. 
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