How to properly maintain and wash towels?

Posted by markwahl barg on July 26th, 2019

For towels cleaning, be sure to wash the towels before using them for the first time. On the one hand, this removes possible production dust and, on the other hand, the terry loops contract during the first wash so that, as a rule, no pulling threads are formed.

Many complaints of towels and bathrobes are due to this fact that the goods were not washed before the first use.

How to wash towels?

Please always follow the washing instructions on the label of your towels and wash them necessarily at the indicated not lower temperatures. This will give you long-term enjoyment of your towels.

For particularly bright colors, many reactive dyes are often used, which rub off in cold and handwarmer laundry, at a temperature of 50 or 60 degrees, however, not.

How to avoid discoloration?

Your towels should be washed separately like light and dark colors like your other items of laundry. With dark and strong colors, the excess dye can easily settle on the first washes.

Do not leave wet terry towels on top of each other for a long time, as this too can cause discoloration.

Which detergent for white towels?

Heavy-duty detergents contain bleaching substances and optical brighteners. Therefore, they should only be used for white terry goods.

Which detergent for colored towels?

For colored and colorful laundry, we recommend fine detergent without optical brighteners, so-called color detergents.

They prevent color discoloration and fading of the laundry items.

As a result, your towels retain the full luminosity of color over many years.

How much detergent for towels?

For towels cleaning, please always dispense detergent according to the manufacturer's instructions. If overdosed, detergent residues may settle on the fibers, harden the cotton fibers and fade the colors.

However, too little detergent means too little descaling, which can also lead to hardening.

Fabric softener for towels?

Avoid as much as possible on the softener to ensure the absorbency of the towels.

Fabric softening products adhere to the cotton fiber like a film, reducing absorbency and water absorption.

Good and high-quality terry products are characterized by the use of extra-fluffy cotton yarns, so they cannot be 100 percent shrink-resistant and will always shrink easily - a jump between 5-10% is completely normal.

You can avoid excessive shrinkage of your towels by briefly stretching and shaping the half-wet or dried terry towels by hand.

The temperature of your tumble dryer should not be set too high and should not overheat cotton.

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