Portable cold storage containers: A boon in the transportation Industry

Posted by dgtlmartweb on July 26th, 2019

A company that manufactures packed food products, or pharmaceutical companies that manufacture medicines which require cold storage, need portable cold storage containers. This is done to achieve effective transportation from the manufacturing unit to the wholesaler and from the wholesaler to the final retailers. Wholesalers also need these containers because they can store the cargo for a long time.

These containers are very necessary nowadays because foodborne parasites like bacteria and viruses can quickly start acting on the food which gives rise to multiple diseases. The containers control the temperature to prevent these parasites from acting upon the products and protect them against decay.

Cold storage containers come in different lengths like 20 inches, 30 inches, and 40 inches. Most of the containers are made of stainless steel. They are generally termed as ‘reefer’. These are some types of cold storage containers.

Types of containers based on power

  • Diesel-powered: Diesel powered containers are now becoming rare because diesel being a non- renewable energy resource is expensive to use. However, these containers work efficiently and are used to store perishable commodities for an extended period of time.
  • Electric powered: These reefers are primarily powered by electricity. They have an inbuilt transformer to step down the high voltage. These are environment-friendly, cheaper than diesel-powered and give higher output. They also require less maintenance as compared to diesel-powered containers.

Types of containers based on space

  • Room type: They are stationary and can be kept in warehouses to provide storage.
  • Trailer type: They can be used as cold storage vehicles to transport the cold cargo and can be moved easily from one place to another.

Types of containers based on Function

  • Closed container: They are the basic containers for cold storage.


  • Controlled atmosphere container: These containers offer a controlled atmosphere. They use gas exchanging systems for keeping the proportion of oxygen constant inside the container.


  • Automatic fresh air management container: Some cargo requires fresh air, for them, these containers can be installed which offers ventilation so that fresh air can circulate freely. The vent can be closed when transporting frozen cargo.


Advantages of using Portable cold storage containers

Temperature Regulation - These containers offer a wide range of temperatures ranging from 18o to -18o. This is a very useful feature because different products need different temperatures for storage. These containers have a unique ability where temperature can be regulated easily.

Flexibility - Because they are portable they can be effortlessly be placed anywhere in the warehouse. If the warehouse is not big enough, it can also be kept outside because it does not get affected by the external conditions.

Spacious - They are very spacious and can store a large amount of cargo. Wholesalers who want to keep huge quantities of cargo for upcoming events can use such containers.

How to equip your companies with cold storage containers?

Many companies offer portable cold storage container services. You can either buy them or rent them according to your requirements. As new technologies are continuously hitting the market, the old containers might need some modifications. These companies also offer different maintenance methods to equip the old containers with new technology.



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