Benefits of Using Stem Cells in Medical Industry

Posted by NavyaSharma on July 26th, 2019

The discovery of stem cells was a revolution and it has now become a boon for the medical industry. Stem cells are the biological cells which can regenerate themselves by dividing into more stem cells. The cell is the smallest unit of life which can easily divide and form any type of cells of the human body. In addition, stem cells can also produce different kinds of cells such as blood, brain or muscle cells. Cells are also having the capability to repair damaged cells and tissues.

Stem cell therapy is one of the most effective treatments which has no side effects and is the most successful in treating various diseases. Stem cells therapy has the power of healing and regenerating the organs which are already damaged due to any injury or diseases. Stem cell therapy is an important achievement in the field of medical science. The reason behind is that, this treatment is effective on the person who is suffering from an untreatable disease. 

The advantages of stem cell therapy are that it can help in treating more than 80 diseases. Apart from these various studies are being conducted under clinical trials to prove that stem cell therapy can help in treating more than 1100 diseases in the future. The diseases which can be treated by stem cell therapy are neurodegenerative disorders, bone deficiencies, organ-related disorders and autoimmune diseases. Stem cells have also proved their ability in cosmetic treatments such as anti-aging or skin development.

Stem cells have been used in the treatment for more than 30 years they are mainly used for treating different types of cancer to reduce the use of high doses of chemotherapy. For the treatment of cancer Mostly chemotherapy is being used which is harmful to the patient’s body and sometimes patients were unable to bear the pain of chemo. 

In the case of these diseases, where patient need lifelong treatment, stem cell therapy will be helpful as it can be done in a painless manner and is a method of one time treatment. Hence the stem cell therapy is an excellent method of treating such kind of life threatening diseases. Therefore the researchers from all over the world believe that stem cell treatment will be an increase for treating other diseases and there will be a boost in the Stem Cell banking industry.

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