11 Pregnancy Doís and Doníts You May Be Amazed Knowing About

Posted by vivek choudhary on July 26th, 2019

efore the arrival of your little roll of joy, the onus lies on you to help your unborn baby originate and develop in a healthy, nurturing environment. As put forward by gynecology experts at Paras Bliss, the best hospital for normal delivery in Gurgaon, the list of do’s and don’ts you need to adhere to during your pregnancy can throw some light on what needs to be worried about and things that shouldn’t bother you.

  1. Do take a regular dose of a multivitamin
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet may not be adequate to fully support your pregnancy.
  • Prenatal vitamins, according to the best dietitian in Gurgaon, are enriched with specific nutrients like iron, calcium, omega-3 fats, and folic acid that pregnant women are in need of at higher doses.
  1. Don’t smoke
  • Women who smoke are most likely to give birth to babies with subpar weight or deformities.
  • Furthermore, children whose mothers are addicted to smoking have a greater likelihood to try and get hooked to smoking at a much younger age.

  1. Do get plenty of sleep
  • In the course of your 9 months of pregnancy, sleep deprivation is commonplace primarily due to varying hormone levels, anxiety, and anticipation.
  • Especially, in the 3rd trimester tackling pregnancy can be highly challenging as you’re in want of more sleep.
  • The best gynecologist in Gurgaon suggests that whenever you’re fatigued try taking a quick nap.
  • Fix your bedtime regime with at least 7 to 9 hours of closed eyes every night and abide by it.
  1. Don’t consume alcohol
  • Alcohol can harm your baby’s growth by a great degree.
  • Women who regularly drink alcohol while being pregnant may well go on and deliver a baby affected by fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) characterized by the following symptoms.

o   Behavioral problems

o   Learning disabilities

o   Low birth weight

o   Patterns of falling behind as far as growth and development milestones are concerned

  • In case you need professional help to avoid drinking during your pregnancy, compare notes with your doctor about it as early as possible.
  1. Do exercise
  • Exercise is beneficial for both the mother and baby.
  • If truth be told, when you work out regularly it aids you in fighting against numerous issues as the following that crop up during your pregnancy.

o   Disproportionate weight gain

o   Mood fluctuations

o   Muscle pain

o   Sleeplessness

  • Have a discussion with the best neonatologist in Gurgaon regarding any changes that need to be made to your everyday exercise routine, particularly as you progress into your 2nd and 3rd trimesters.
  1. Don’t eat raw meat
  • Raw, uncooked food such as meat or eggs carries the risk to contract foodborne ailments like toxoplasmosis and listeriosis.
  • Even food poisoning is a probability as well.
  • These conditions, in turn, can lead to severe, incurable diseases that could precipitate in the form of a miscarriage or birth defects in your baby.
  • According to the best nutritionist in Gurgaon, make certain that the eggs and meat you eat during your pregnancy are well-cooked.
  1. Do have sex
  • Engaging in sex in the course of your pregnancy is acceptable with the understanding that you’re free from complications like placenta previa or different other types of a high-risk pregnancy.
  • Sex with your partner is nothing but safe till you experience water breakage.
  • In this context, you may discuss your concerns in relation to the safety aspect of intercourse for the period of pregnancy with the best gynecologist in Gurgaon for normal delivery.
  1. Do make a habit to do yoga
  • Various modalities of yoga, except hot yoga, are fine while you’re expecting.
  • Try to find prenatal or mild yoga classes that are specially designed for would-be mothers.
  • Trainers who instruct in these classes are well aware of the poses which are most suitable for you or the one which you should evade.
  • However, before you sign up for a yoga class, it’s preferred to talk over the associated concerns and risk factors with your doctor.
  1. Don’t drink too much of caffeine
  • It’s risky to take in lots of caffeine as the substance takes a trip through your placenta and, in turn, intensifies your baby’s heartbeat rate.
  • Ongoing research shows that one or two cups of coffee per day are safe to consume.
  1. Do pay a visit to your dentist
  • Previously, visits to a dentist’s clinic were ducked for the fear that cleaning your mouth has potentials of bacteria to spread and cause infection.
  • Now, this myth has been busted and it’s recommended for expecting mothers to go for an oral health evaluation regularly while being pregnant coupled with routine dental cleanings.
  • Make sure to let your dentist know about your pregnancy.
  1. Do put on weight in a smart way
  • Pregnant women need to plan and execute a strategy to eat for two, for what they’re eating, and by how much quantity.
  • Gaining excessive weight in the course of pregnancy may inflict more harm to your unborn baby.
  • As per a leading neonatologist in Gurgaon, for the period of the 1st trimester, you need just about 100 calories extra per day to provide support to your developing fetus.
  • When your 3rd trimester is close by, you’re in requirement of 300 additional calories each day.

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