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Posted by jhone ray on July 27th, 2019

If it's not your lucky night at the live roulette table then perhaps trying a different roulette strategy might be worthwhile. You will find there are a few different roulette strategies to choose from and if you don't want to loose any money finding out if they are worth it, try to find a free roulette game and give it a go first.

Sometimes players steer clear of the same numbers that have previously come up earlier thinking that they are unlikely to show up again for some time. Also it is a good live roulette strategy to observe the run of numbers then you can bring into play a live roulette strategy such as the Martingale system. Whilst playing with a strategy you should remember that live roulette is a true game of luck, so there are no guarantees.

The "Martingale" strategy is the most common live roulette strategy as it can be used on most of the table games, not just roulette. The "Martingale" betting system works as follows; you start with a fixed bet; for example two or three dollars and you keep betting with this amount until you loose a bet. Once you loose you then continuously double the amount you bet until you win, once you win you get back all of your money plus the original amount you bet. The down side is that if you double your bets to early and the ball never rolls in you could rapidly reach the betting limit and won't be able to continue, in which case you will end up loosing your money. Another bet people enjoy using a progressive bet, progressive bets increase or decrease progressively by a fixed amount each time you win or loose.

Many people say that the martingale system is the better one but you can also make up your own system when you are playing live roulette and don't need to simply follow someone else's roulette strategies or systems, some people even follow the bets of their friends or others who are on a lucky run. There are a variety of roulette strategies so research a few, extensively before you decide to put one to the test with real money. Remember live roulette is just a game and if it is not your day then just stop playing and try again another day. When playing it's a good idea to set yourself a few limits, a time limit and a loss or winning limit.

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