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Posted by Niraj Patel on July 29th, 2019

Even in the digital age, some marketing practices polarize Cheap SEO Packages Sydney quite similar. Some people believe that investing in SEO (search engine optimization) is redundant or inadequate, but some people invest much of their SEO budgets. Discussions on this subject exist throughout the industry. Search engine optimization is undoubtedly more important in the current competitive online market than it has ever been in its history. The key lies in your execution and inborn ability to distinguish good SEO services from those that are just cheap or affordable.

The Importance of SEO:

Let start with assessing the importance of SEO, which remains the most effective marketing technique for scaling online traffic. However, the practice is increasingly difficult, especially in highly competitive industries, where a large number of brands continue to struggle for a viable market share. It is clear that brands that invest in good quality SEO and rank well constantly will get a competitive edge over their rivals. This leads to changing customer behaviour, which has evolved considerably as the Internet has enjoyed exponential growth. In particular, consumers provide sources, reference, and purchase goods online using the Internet and its tools to search for key information points such as prices and comparative availability. This is confirmed by statistics, with over 3.5 billion searches per day on Google alone. So well-known brands in Google's organic search results for key keywords and pivot phrases are in the ideal position to educate customers and compete for their business, building trust and creating the chance for a long-term relationship.

Search engine optimization helps to take a good position in search results

Search engine optimization helps to achieve a competitive advantage so that your website can take a good position in search results. Various promotion and optimization strategies contribute to this. This includes content optimization, technical SEO, and much more.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with 10 advantages of optimization:

According to statistics, the majority of Internet users when searching for goods or information rarely go beyond the first page of the issue. At the same time, the figures report that about 85% of all site visitors get to it from search engines, with 60% of these customers making purchases.

Long-lasting result. All activities within the framework of SEO-optimization lead to long-term results. Provided the site is properly promoted, it can occupy a top position for a long time. This will lead to increased brand awareness and a good online reputation.

  • Recognition. Network users trust more sites that occupy top positions, and not those that are further. SEO tools increase the rating of the resource for certain target requests, as a result, the popularity and awareness of the company increases significantly.
  • The best return on investment. Statistics show that the profitability of SEO optimization is much higher than that of any other internet marketing tool. Users who get to the online store on a key request have a clear goal in front of them - to buy a product or order a service, and this once again confirms the profitability of this method.
  • Performance. All results are measured, only in this case, the marketing strategy is considered successful. The effectiveness of the SEO strategy is measured by quantitative indicators using special online tools.
  • Communication with users. SEO optimization involves placing relevant content for robots and potential customers. Such articles contribute not only to high positions of the site but also serve to the benefit of a PR company or online store.
  • Excellent reputation. Users favour sites that occupy top positions. First of all, it is connected with trust in the brand, and the longer the resource is in the first positions, the more credible it will be.
  • Convenience to potential customers. Search engine optimization aims to improve user experience through quality content.
  • Increased loyal customers. The main task of Cheap SEO Packages Sydney: attracting more potential customers. If they are satisfied with the quality of the goods or services offered, then they are guaranteed to return to the online store again.
  • Availability. Search engine optimization is one of the most accessible methods of internet marketing. The cost of monthly maintenance is minimal because SEO is the best value for money.
  • Practical navigation. During the optimization, a simple and clear structure of the site is created, which meets the requirements of search engines. In addition, potential customers can easily find the necessary information.

The logic of search algorithms in SEO

The main goal of search algorithms is to provide high-quality content for this keyword. Despite all the successes of artificial intelligence in general and machine learning in particular, the meaning of the search algorithms does not yet understand and, accordingly, the quality of the written is not fully self-assessable.

Therefore, along with the formal definition of content quality - by the formal indicators of text relevance and structuredness, in particular - SEO takes into account links to this content from other sites as a kind of “voice” in support of this content.

At the moment, it is more difficult to “fake” formal signs of structuredness, “maturity” of the text, than to “fake” links-voices from external sites, therefore the latter are often the objects of manipulations. Because of this, the developers of search algorithms consider, if possible, the least manipulated links that exist at this stage of technological development. In addition to links, the user behaviour of authenticated users is taken into account as an external ranking factor indirectly indicating the quality of the content.

How is the quality of content determined? The quality, "maturity" of the web page content, from the point of view of search engines, is determined by the similarity of a set of formal signs of text structuring, the occurrence of words related to a certain subject area, with similar features of obviously high-quality texts, on which the search algorithm is trained.

The developers of search algorithms use the so-called “machine learning with a teacher”: the search algorithm indicates certain reference articles and formal features to be analyzed. In the course of such training, among other things, hidden patterns are revealed: it is determined which combinations of formal features are inherent in “mature” content.

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