5 Reasons To Apply For A Credit Card Today!

Posted by Arjit Chalmela on July 29th, 2019

Remember the time when you had to carry cash everywhere you went? Soon, it was replaced with one sleek card that did everything for you. Only a small proportion of us understand the importance of a credit card in our lives. Many only consider it as a burden on their finances and this is a big misconception. 

Here are a few compelling reasons for you to apply for credit card today. 

1.Free borrowing: There no harm borrowing with a card. No matter where you are or what you want to buy, you can use always use a credit card and make the payment. If you want to clear your existing debt or build new credit, you can use a card for the same. There are banks which also offer 0% interest on purchases for over a year. The low-cost card is an ideal way of borrowing. 

2.Universally accepted: Your credit card will be your friend wherever you go. It is universally accepted, and you can use it to make any payments including housing and rental cars. There are many service providers who do not accept a debit card, and this is where your credit card will play a crucial role. You can also enjoy lower exchange rates, particularly, when traveling abroad. 

3.Cash backs and rewards: Every time you swipe your card, you can earn a cash back on the purchase based on where you are spending the money. It is one of the best ways to maximize the use of your credit card. You can simply earn while you spend. This cash reward will vary from one retailer to another and it can add to a sizable amount overtime. They also have reward programs where you can earn points based on the amount you spend. The rewards include frequent flyer cards, travel cards and rewards in common spending like gas, dining and groceries.  

4.Purchase protection: The biggest perk of credit cards is consumer protection. When you make a purchase using your credit card and then find out that it is of poor quality or is damaged, you can easily return the item and get the charge removed. There are extended warranties on electronics offered on many credit cards. It will give you peace of mind and you will be protected at all times. 

5.Track your expenses: Paying through a credit card will allow you to track your monthly expenses. You can track your expenses through monthly statements and know where your money has gone. It will also be useful when you are preparing your income tax return. You can effectively plan your budget keeping the expenses in mind. 

A credit card is an ideal way to make payments nowadays. It is convenient, easy to use and hassle free. You no longer need to carry cash and worry about its security at all times. When you apply for credit card you can enjoy hassle free purchases worldwide and make the most of this plastic money. There is no fear of theft and you can easily pay the amount within the given period. Most banks also offer a grace period, in order to ensure you manage your payment in time.

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