Learn OSRS Song of the Elves Guide to Avoid Making Mistakes

Posted by kellybam on July 29th, 2019

Have you completed the new grandmaster quest already? If still not, here we will share the useful OSRS Song of the Elves runescape gold guide to help you complete it more quickly.

Some tips for Song of the Elves you may need to remember

1.Since the first fight of the quest is instanced, the unprotected items will be permanently lost upon your death. In addition, via the Barricade you can escape to the south.
2.When entering into the Grand Library of Prifddinas, you’d better charge your teleport crystals if running low. Later the area will become instanced and this is not permitted until much later.
3.During the searching for Lord Crwys, you cannot cut the tree if you don’t ask Baxtorian where to find him.
4.After finding Lord Crwys and Lady Hefin, you need go back to Lletya and talk to Baxtorian, or you will not be able to enter the cave in the next part.
5.When heading to the Iorwerth camp, the fight with the elves is also instanced.
6.After seeing Lestin and Ysgawyn, it’s highly recommended to return to a bank with no very good food like sharks or higher in your inventory, for you need it and some prayer pots if low level.
7.When looking for the two missing children in the burning build, remember there is an escape barricade at the west of the instance in case you want to restock food, which is not allowed before the fight with the boss level 182 Arianwyn.
8.During the battle with Arianwyn, you are allowed to gather your items from the Rebel Scout outside of Lletya for 80,000 coins, if you die.
9.When returning to the final boss Fragment of Seren, if you choose the transport option “bring a Crystal Trinket and use a Slayer Ring teleport to dark beasts” , please remember the rebel scout is not available for this.

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