How Bad Posture Effects on your Health?

Posted by dennishahn on July 29th, 2019

We all can probably remember the times when we were told to sit up straight by our mom’s while growing up. And of course, we never really payed attention to that. However, having bad posture is something that generally develops over time and if not corrected on time, it can lead to some serious negative effects. Starting from fatigue to different kinds of pain, following are some of the ways your posture might be affecting your health:

  1. Poor Digestion:

If you’re someone whose constantly on office workstations, it is easy let your shoulder slouch all the time. However, it is important to keep your back straight all the time because slouching all the time compresses over your abdominal organs that include the digestive tract. It can affect the digestive system and the ability to process food correctly.

  1. Pelvic Pain:

Poor posture can also lead to pelvic floor dysfunction. Difficulties can be caused with the urinary retention, pain during passing a stool etc. Sitting in the correct posture, stretching 5-6 times a day is a good way to maintain a proper posture.

  1. Arthritis:

Having a poor posture can also lead to the malalignment of the spine as well as the knees which can put stress on the knees. This could be dangerous if you suffer from arthritis of the knees. Due to the poor posture, the malalignment can worsen the effects of the arthritis by putting all the pressure on one part of the joint, leading to discomfort and a lot of pain.

  1. Fatigue:

Sitting continuously in a poor posture can also have direct effect on your energy level, leading to fatigue. It builds up a lot of tension to the structures that weren’t actually made to bear the weight. These tensions can build up overtime and lead to the wearing of bones, joints as well as ligaments.

  1. Stress:

Yes, surprisingly, poor posture can also lead to mental as well as physical stress. The posture affects the body’s alignment which in turn puts a lot of physical stress on the body, causing soreness and discomfort. This can lead to mental stress by decreasing the individual’s motivation to do anything at all.

  1. Breathing:

To be able to breathe properly, the diaphragm needs enough amount of space in the cavity to properly release as well as contract with each breath. You will only be able to breathe properly when the body is aligned in a proper position and that will only happen when you sit in a proper posture. Breathing is a major quality that is important for the body, however, can only be done properly if the posture is correct and aligned.

Not taking proper precautions can affect your health in many ways and set you in a position of long-term back pains, neck strains etc. You might dismiss the discomfort but it’s the way the body reacts in order to get attention. Sitting on the correct furniture may also benefit you in some ways. If you are looking to buy office furniture in Sydney, then you must know that there are several vendors who provide all types of furniture such as office furniture online as well as offline.

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