Difference between Shared hosting and WordPress hosting

Posted by Sharmin Islam on July 29th, 2019


When creating a website or running an online business, it is one of the most important decisions to choose a perfect hosting plan for your website. Shared & WordPress hosting are two common forms of web hosting services. Now a question may appear in mind that which is better for you? You need to do some research to make the correct decision if you want to have a successful online journey.

Now we are going to make a comparison regarding the advantages & disadvantages of the two choices.

Overview: Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting service used by maximum users who actually own smaller websites or blogs. Newbies or the websites of startup businesses simply require shared hosting because they can easily begin with a limited budget performing a painless procedure.


Probably the biggest advantage of shared hosting is that it offers low-cost plans and certainly perfect for those who have a little spending plan. With many web hosting service providers, it offers unlimited storage & free domains including several wonderful features that need to get started primarily. Along with this, you don’t need to be concerned about the server maintenance related issues as the service provider itself takes care of the server administration and maintenance. In comparing to the WordPress hosting, the shared hosting plan does not lock you into the WordPress CMS.


The main disadvantage of shared hosting is the security issues of the server and also of your website as the shared servers are usually prone to hacking attacks. Again, you have to run your website with several hundred web hosting accounts on one server. So, naturally the resources you are using have to be shared with others, and any malicious efforts by one user can affect other users anonymously. Basically, shared hosting provides limited features compared to other upgraded hosting plans. 

Overview: WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is the service designed to host websites and to meet a better experience and security needs using the WordPress content management system (CMS). This enables your website to perform with the highest possible speed that helps to run a website successfully. So, WordPress hosting apparently stands out from other hosting packages.


WordPress is all about better performance of your website by optimizing the server in such a way as to allow for advanced server caching. In WordPress hosting, there’s a regular scanning of your websites to protect any suspicious attempt. Also, any reliable web hosting service provider installs proper server-level security with no breach in your WordPress website security.


WordPress also brings a number of drawbacks to its users. It’s more expensive than shared hosting and built only with the WordPress CMS, which means other CMS can’t be used in WordPress. There is a restriction of hosting more than one website on your account where shared hosting allows hundreds of hosting accounts on a single server. WordPress limits the amount of space. So, this can be an inconvenience if you have a website larger in size. 

Which Hosting type should I choose?

Undoubtedly, you have to access according to your needs. If you’re looking for a cheap option for your startup business or your basic website, then shared hosting can be the best for you. Along with these, you can use other CMS like Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, or any other a shared plan. On the other hand, WordPress hosting can be a perfect choice if you want to use a managed option that is specially optimized to ensure high-level performance with speed and uptime. It’s absolutely your concern and needs which you should select accordingly. So, do research and take the time to make your choice.

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