Reasons Why Trees Have To Be Removed

Posted by kunal on July 29th, 2019

Though people hate in general to lose any type of tree, there are just some instances when completely removing them cannot be avoided. Even just the thought of completely removing trees can bring sadness and tears to many people, whether they are die-hard nature-lovers or not. Of course, there are other ways wherein they can be still helped to grow healthily, such as pruning and trimming and trees also usually benefit from some fumigation. And the last and Tree Trimming Tulsa most drastic option, when there really is no other sound and safe reason to keep the tree around, is to remove it.

Below are the main and most common valid and acceptable reasons why trees have to be cut down or properly removed:

1. If the tree is dead or its disease/s can no longer be treated or cured.

All people love to look at healthy and lush trees. But the ones that are dead or suffering from some diseases are pretty disheartening to look at. Dead trees are also usually serious safety hazards and can be a source of many accidents so people often decide to just have them removed.

2. Wrong tree type at a poor location.

Some trees can be a threat when they are rooted in areas of high pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic. One particular tree is the Eucalyptus, which always have the tendency to lose or drop big branches frequently. Of course, cutting them down is not always the immediate option; if they are still very healthy, they can be removed and transplanted to a different area where they cannot cause any problems or danger with the help of local professional arborists or some tree surgeons.

3. When a tree has become a refuge and breeding ground for big and small pests.

Dead and healthy trees can become the home of unwanted and disease-carrying pests, such as rodents and ants. Bees and wasps, which can be very dangerous insects, also tend to nest or build their hives in trees. And if people are very particular about the safety and security at their properties, especially if they are concerned about their children, then they do have a valid reason for removing them.

Trees, in addition to being wonderful and beautiful natural structures that everyone should nourish and cherish, also provide many benefits to all humans, living creatures, and the environment in general. But it is also important to look at the big picture, too. When trees have to be removed, harboring any doubts or misgivings about this course of action will not serve to help anyone. After all, your safety and good health, and your loved ones' as well, are also important and should be your top priority. 

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