What are people expecting from a life coach?

Posted by happyrealization on July 29th, 2019

A life coach is a term that has been searched over the internet a little less than a million times, globally. Why is the need for life coach has become so quintessential?

In the modern world where mankind is so heavily dependent upon technology, people don’t have time for themselves. Some of them don’t even have enough time to ponder upon their emotional, mental and physical well-being. Cometh the hour, Life coaches come to the rescue!!!

What do Life Coaches do? And what are people anticipations from them?

 Life coaches are those mentors who have immense experience in the field of business, relationships, career guidance, etc. Be it a personal or professional problem, life coaches are there to mentor you. Through their huge experiences, they provide you the best of the solutions to tackle your problems. They will even guide you to complete your goals and objectives.

  • In this fast-paced world, people are not able to give time to their relationships. That’s why break-ups, divorces, have become the face of this generation. People need someone who can guide them through these gloomy phases, so as, they can make their relationships more cheerful and healthy. A relationship life coach will help you to understand the perspective of your partner through his advice. Their consultation is what people seek to hold their relationship together.
  • A life coach may also help you in building a good physique which is the expectation of today’s young generation. They provide genuine advice to get you in good shape as well as creating diet plans, and exercise list for you. 
  • People who have a certain goal even in the field of business hire Business life coaches for achieving it. These coaches with their tremendous experience in their respective fields get their mentees to achieve their objectives. 
  • Nowadays there are spiritual Life coaches that help you to attain peace of mind and become calm and soft-spoken towards others around you. They also teach you about anger management and stress control.
  • Life coaches will also help you get motivated when times seem to despair. They will guide you through every phase of life. They will always be there to listen to you by becoming your personal Agony Aunt

Apart from having the benefits of hiring life coaches, there are several drawbacks as well.

  • The problems that you are facing is better understood by you. It will be quite difficult to express your perspective correctly to someone else, especially for introverts. 
  • It would be a hefty task to trust someone and explain all their problems.
  • Life Coaches are quite expensive to hire.
  • Also, you cannot judge any life coach just on the basis of the portfolio. Every person has different behavioral characteristics that may or may not connect with the other person. Some people can also post fake advertisements as a certified life coach, but there are no certifications required for being a Life coach.


It’s your personal decision about whether to seek a life coach or not. But, if you are in serious need of guidance and expert advice or things have gone beyond your control, then you must seek for one. You will get a friend in the life coach that always listens to you and gives you perfect solutions for the problems.

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